Wednesday, February 18, 2009

19th O what?

Heloooo people....The day you hot dog fans are waiting for is finally here..It's the 19th of the month and guess what .. 1901 Chicago Beef and New York Chicken will be at RM1.99 .. How cheap is that?? So cheap till my friend Mr. Alford TTW can eat 6 of those hot dogs...That time the phrase which I always use "Dog Man You" can be meant literally.

It is so cheap that you can "Take the meat and throw away the bones". What I mean here is that it is so cheap that you can just eat the sausage and throw away the bread!! So what are you still waiting for? Time to take action and head to your nearest 1901 stall and have a hot dog eating competition with your friend.

I just realized something...19 in cantonese is pronounced sap gau...gau means dog..Sat gau also sounds like sap gau...sat gau meaning kill dog...meaning eat dog...meaning eat hot dog.... This day is driving me insane..Eat to much hot dog until become sor gau..What a doggy day..Please bear with the lameness..Long time never crap already.

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