Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Technical Error

Sorry if any of you had problems loading the pictures .. I have fixed the error already and you should be now able to view the pictures in all the previous posts if you missed out on any ... Do check out the MYFM 10th Anniversary pictures if you missed out on them .. THANK YOU =)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Home Grown U-Shaped Papaya

This is my papaya tree right outside my house planted by my mum I think ... It has grown really big and ODD .... it grew into a U-Shape ... looks like a big slingshot also

Do all papaya trees like look a U-Shape/Slingshot or is it only mine?

Let me know if you are interested in visiting my papaya farm

And if you have watched the video about the comments that teacher received from some of his/her students (the video from my previous post) ... This is how he looks like

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Comments From Students

Leon asked me to post this video up and share the laughter with everyone .. It's a bout a teacher who received some weird comments from some of the surveys which he asked them to fill ... I'm really curious to see how he looks like after all those comments .. =) ENJOY!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

29th August CONFIRMED !!!

For those of you who are wondering whats going on on the 29th of August ... AVRIL IS COMING ... There were quite a few problems but now she is confirm coming ... Today's newspaper also confirmed her coming ... Hate her or love her .... the concert will go on ... Waited so so so so long for her to have a concert here in Malaysia ever since her first album ... Can't wait to see her live in action ... 6 days to go =) All you Avril fans out there, here is a video of her saying that she will be definitely coming ...

Love the angpau packaging

Weeee .. Can't wait ... Sadly I have a test for Compulsary Malay Class in college on the same day

Shop Till You Drop

To all GIRLS out there, today your wish might finally come true ... well, if you are thinking that I am about to give out 1mil cash, sorry to disappoint you ... If you are thinking that I am going to intro to you a super handsome guy ... once again sorry to disappoint you .... We all know that the whole of Malaysia is on a SALE mode ... I have a website to introduce to all of you girls which might make you very very happy ... It's a website where you can find all the super sales ... Warehouse sale, clearance sale .... where ? when ? what time? all the details you can find in this website

TADAAAA http://www.shoppingnsales.com/ ... You can even find SALE on ice cream

Check out the website for more details ... Contains lots of SALE , SALE , SALE and more SALE

Note : Don't blame me if you shop till you run out of cash

Friday, August 22, 2008


Time flies so fast, especially when your on holidays ... Few more days and I'll be back to college T_T .... so not lookin forward to it ..... Never really do much during holidays ...So unproductive ....This monkey is having some problems

Check out the monkey at the 0:22

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My FM 10th Anniversary

Last last Saturday while most of my friends were in Melaka for the supposedly educational trip, I was in Genting for the MY FM 10th Anniversary concert thingy ... Justin got free tickets so he invited me to go .. MY FM is a chinese radio station in case u didn't know ... So they were having their 10th Anniversary and their "theme" was cosplay ... so a lot of people dressed up including the radio deejays .. Here is how some of them look like

Peter Parker from Thailand

Men In Black with a Hair Dryer as a gun

MIB Partner

Even Batman was there ... Joker didn't show up that night .. Joker got lost went to Gotham City instead of Genting City

A guy dressing up as Storm from X-men

Indiana Jones discovered a new talent .. SINGING

Lara Croft behind Son Goku

Ah Wong looking for his Lou Poh Zai

The Incredibles won some award for best dress I think

For those of you who are having holidays and have nothing else better to do ... feel free to try this http://mazzanet.id.au/ball.php ... click on the ball to change color ... i've tried it and it can really change color lol

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm Freeeeeee

The long awaited holiday has finally arrived..After such a busy week, I can finally get my long deserved break..Many happenings going on lately ... drama drama and more drama ... Lee Chong Wei kena tapaued badly by Lin Dan ... There goes the 1mil dollars ... Went clubbing at Coco Pisang(Banana) yesterday in celebration of Carmen's Birthday ... will blog about it later on ... Today got no mood and tired ... Came back from clubbing at 4 ... THEN went futsal tournament at 9 and lost badly lol due to most players sleeping late and consuming chivas ... Some drama happened in my house also .... got sounds of rats squeaking and running around above my room ceiling ... and my parents got into a BIG ARGUMENT .... my dad terus leave the house don't know go where ... HAIZ takut menakutkan .... but after watching Jeremy's video .... =) LAUGH LIKE MAD

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weird Places and Drinks In Langkawi

After a heavy dinner in Langkawi (one month ago), we decided to go to a bar to chill out and listen to some music. When we were in the restaurant we asked whether there was any bar near by they told us there was one just down the road and gave us each a complementary coupon for a vodka. So we left and when we arrived at the place, we were shocked to see some things.

Sun Sutra?

This is what happens when you get shocked

Sun Karma ?? What kinda of place is this?

This place is weird

Sunba Retro Bar...Name sounds ok, wait till u see the statues ... NOT OK
Andrew can really copy the statues face - 100% look alike


Whats this guy doing here


Our vodka mixed with coke

After drinking the vodka and coke, I was not satisfied enough so I asked for the menu to see what other drinks that had to offer .. And to my surprise, this is what I found >.<

Ak47, Alzheimers, Graveyard ??? Hmm .. Still ok for a name of a drink

OK WHAT IN THE WORLD IS ALL THIS! You want me to drink orgasm, duck fart,? Why do I even want your slippery nipples for .... NO idea how it tastes like ... If any of you have tried any of this before do let me know how it tastes like ok

More weird drinks ... PINK UNDERWEAR ???

Grasshopper Or Rusty Nail?? I wonder which one tastes better

I ended up ordering the Mojito ... Didn't really like it ... LOVED THE TEQUILA POP

I then volunteered to drive back to the hotel because the back seat of the car was filled with cockroaches, and I almost killed a cat ... NOT BECAUSE I WAS DRUNK, it was in the middle of the road and there weren't much lights in that area ... The cat survived, so did we =)

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Just by looking at the title already drives you crazy .. Wow iPhone .. Almost everyone wants this cool phone.. Guess what my Dad has the iPhone .... And he did not even pay a single cent for it ... his friend gave it to him ... I'm not sure how the conversation went with him and his friend but I assume it went something like that

Friend : Wah, what is that!
Dad : My phone la why
Friend : You call that a phone ah, no camera nothing .. so outdated
Dad : A phone is just to receive calls/sms and sent sms or call people
Friend : Aiya, nevermind la I give you a phone .. it's an iPhone .. don't play play
Dad : Thanks, looks like a normal phone to me

Canggihnya iPhone ini

What a beauty

Hold On .... UNFORTUNATELY thats not the phone I was talking about

I was talking about the iPhone China version


iPhone made in China

1.3 mega pixel

Think Different

Now my Dad's phone is more geng than mine already

Imagine Kobe on his iPhone and Yao Ming on his "iPhone" ----> LOL

Will be going to Genting later to watch the MyFm Anniversary concert thingy while some of my friends will be in Melaka on a 1 day trip

Thursday, August 7, 2008


As I was checking out Justin's blog, I saw the video of how the Pussycat Dolls "Gotcha'ed" Adam C..Adam C is the guy who was working in 8tv last time with Marion I think ... And by the way, I didn't know that JJ from hitz.fm had a blog too .. Lots of funny stuff, pictures and videos to check out in his blog . http://jj.blog.hitz.fm or you can click here

Here is the video of Adam C getting Gotcha'ed

Also a video of JJ and Rudy singing I Got It From My Mamak feat Jin - A parody of the song I got it from my mama by the PCD

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have any of you experience this? I took at least 30 minutes to type and fill up the questions and guess what .... when I save the file ..... IT DISAPPEARED TO I DON'T KNOW WHERE !!!! Now have to type all over again =.=

Even Peter Parker knows how I feel

It's like losing your voice on the day of a singing contest -- ZZZZZ SIEN AH

Monday, August 4, 2008

Take It To The Next Level

Ever heard of Nike's Take It To The Next Level Advertisement? It looks like this

Some other slogans are like no weak foot is next level, captaining without the armband is next level and many more

They even have a new version of the video which is longer and has more stuff

Not too long ago, www.nikefootball.com.my had a contest. All you had to do was answer a few simple questions and fill in the slogan ________ is next level. You could submit as much entries as possible and the prize is RM200 voucher to spend on Nike products in Al-Ikhsan. So I tried and sent lots and lots of entries, and it paid off. When I checked the website to see who won, I was surprised to see my name there.

Never giving up is next level, playing your heart out until the final whistle is next level, flawless technic, skill and ability is next level were some of the slogans that I submitted .. Malaysia to play in the World Cup Final is next level .. lol that was one of it also ... there are lots more slogans that I submitted but the one that made me win was "Attacking And Defending As A Team Is Next Level"

The voucher came in handy as my futsal shoe was in bad condition and it was time I changed a new one ... Kinda regret getting this shoe

The reason I don't like this shoe is because it doesn't really suite my style of playing and they weren't much choices in the shop and I was really in need of a shoe so I had to pick this one.

Take It To The Next Level