Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm Freeeeeee

The long awaited holiday has finally arrived..After such a busy week, I can finally get my long deserved break..Many happenings going on lately ... drama drama and more drama ... Lee Chong Wei kena tapaued badly by Lin Dan ... There goes the 1mil dollars ... Went clubbing at Coco Pisang(Banana) yesterday in celebration of Carmen's Birthday ... will blog about it later on ... Today got no mood and tired ... Came back from clubbing at 4 ... THEN went futsal tournament at 9 and lost badly lol due to most players sleeping late and consuming chivas ... Some drama happened in my house also .... got sounds of rats squeaking and running around above my room ceiling ... and my parents got into a BIG ARGUMENT .... my dad terus leave the house don't know go where ... HAIZ takut menakutkan .... but after watching Jeremy's video .... =) LAUGH LIKE MAD

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