Monday, April 28, 2008

Monkey Business

Sorry for not updating so long. I have been busy procrastinating and finishing my last minute assignments as usual. This week is going to be a busy week for me but I will try my best to update as often as possible. Here is a short update.

Last Saturday, some monkeys broke out from don't know which zoo to come and visit my neighborhood. My maid was screaming her head off trying to chase the monkeys away and thats what woke me up on a Saturday morning where I am suppose to sleep longer. I rushed to the scene with the camera but it was too late and I only managed to get 2 pictures.

Monkey feeling shy to take a picture

Go back to the zoo!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Some people are curious to find out what car I drove to beat the high score. Who says you need cars like the ones you see in movies to drive really fast. All you need is a car, some courage and RM300 for the certificate.

No need to see la, my car not inside that picture

As I was talking with my friend the other day about the saman, I had quite an interesting conversation with him. Here is how the conversation went:

Friend:Hey, why look so sad?
Me :Haih, kena saman la
Friend:Really ah, how fast you drive
Me :108km only
Friend:Wah, like that also can kena ah
Me :Ya la, crazy one
Friend:What car you drive?
Me :Ford only
Friend:Ford?? Ford Ranger lucky la you
Me :Huh? Where got, Ford Telstar only
Friend:HUH??? Whats that motorcycle ah?
Me :Old car la, dont think you know
Friend:How old can it be? 10 years old ah
Me :Where got so young, 17 years d
Friend:Hebat ah, 17 years old still can go over 100km

Even after reading the conversation, I'm sure most of you still don't know what a Ford Telstar looks like. Let me introduce my ride to you.

This is a Ford Ranger. NOT MY RIDE!

The moment you have been waiting for ....... don't be surprised

Here it is. FORD TELSTAR!!

This car is even older than some of your sisters and brothers

Lights still working fine

After so many accidents, the bumper still refuses to give up

Why got black tail coming out?

A lot of people asked me why I still keep the car, why not sell it and buy a new one. Some even say "If I was you earlier also I throw away d" or "For goodness sake buy a new car la".

The answer is simple. This is a "Great" car, why would I want to sell it?

This car has taken me to many places and I am thankful for it although sometimes it gets on my nerves. A purpose of a car is so that you can travel from point A to point B. Simple as that. I can still remember the times where I had to walk or take a taxi. It was so inconvenient. With a car, now i can go anywhere and anytime i want.

The air condition of this car is still functioning very well. The only thing this car is lacking is a CD player.

See? No Music No Life

Sometimes when I am driving I get bored because there is no music. So I will start to sing. At times I will get the weird look from people. It's like "Siao, see this guy opening his mouth talking to himself somemore shaking his head. I think he got mental problem".

Another reason I like this car because it is like a tank. I crashed into many things before but never faced any major damages only scratches.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Malaysia Book of Saman Records

Recently about a week ago, I managed to get my name into the Malaysia Book of Saman Records.

It is very different from any other book of records. In the book of saman records you won't get famous or anything. There are two simple ways to get your name into the book. It is very easy, let me show you how it is done.

See this sign here? That is the highest score the goverment can achieve. They will get jealous if anyone tries to break their highscore.

The first step in getting your name in the book of records is by breaking the high score that the government set which is quite easy.

High Score Records Are Meant To Be Broken
Look at my record!!

Once you manage to break the high score, you will receive a certificate from the government.

(Unfortunately it doesn't look as grand as this)

Instead it looks like this, and there's more to it. You have to pay RM300 to get it.

(Congratulations! You are a winner)

RM 300 for breaking a record and a piece of paper

Sometimes i wish that there were no rules and limitations in life.

Only in my dreams can this happen T_T

Don't you love this shirt

As much as you and I hate rules, they are there for a reason. Some say that rules are there to help us and guide us. If we go against it, then we will have to face the consequences. Since there is nothing we can do about it, why don't we JUST FOLLOW LAW!

Don't Speed OK? Follow the speed limit!


Remember those times when you played the card game called UNO? Anyone who has one card left will have to say the word UNO (which means one in spanish). Today will be the day where i say UNO to my first post.

One of the reasons i started to blog is because most of my friends were doing. Besides that, i wanted to blog a long long time ago but was too lazy and gave myself to many excuses. I always tell myself that i will start a blog tomorrow but tomorrow never came until TODAY. I also diddn't blog because i did not have a camera and it would be very boring to have a blog without pictures.

I'm still new to this thing so don't expect it to be very CUN or HIGH TECH. Still a newbie. Need time to train and level up. Wanna say a big THANK YOU to Juan for teaching me some things about blogging.

Stay tuned for more INTERESTING and EXCITING post coming your way