Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Remember those times when you played the card game called UNO? Anyone who has one card left will have to say the word UNO (which means one in spanish). Today will be the day where i say UNO to my first post.

One of the reasons i started to blog is because most of my friends were doing. Besides that, i wanted to blog a long long time ago but was too lazy and gave myself to many excuses. I always tell myself that i will start a blog tomorrow but tomorrow never came until TODAY. I also diddn't blog because i did not have a camera and it would be very boring to have a blog without pictures.

I'm still new to this thing so don't expect it to be very CUN or HIGH TECH. Still a newbie. Need time to train and level up. Wanna say a big THANK YOU to Juan for teaching me some things about blogging.

Stay tuned for more INTERESTING and EXCITING post coming your way

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