Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nicole Kiss I MISSED !!!!

So ... Chelsea was in town to have a friendly and I won a date with Nicole to go watch the match ... Most of you were very excited including me .. I was anxiously waiting to receive a call/text from her.. Every time my phone rang or got a message I would check it instantly but every time I checked, none of them was from her (You will find out why later on ..Keep Reading) .. I left my house at 7pm and started to head to the Shah Alam stadium ... IT WAS SUPER DUPER JAM ALL THE WAY THERE .... Got loads and loads of calls and messages for the first time in my life .. Everyone I knew was like wishing me good luck and congratulations that I won a date with Nicole... Still no contact from her yet SIGH ... I arrived at the stadium at 850 and the match had already begun..Missed a great shot from Deco according to Jeremy....He and Justin asked me whether I was with Nicole and I told them I don't think I'll be getting the chance to meet her...They were shocked to hear that and they asked me to come join them and watch the game ...So I went to join them in the "GRANDSTAND" area .... really GRANDSTAND .... I had to STAND throughout the 70 minutes Chelsea was playing ... We left early because we did not want to get caught in the traffic jam ... The reason why I wanted to go to that match was not because of Chelsea ..... but it was because I had the chance to meet Nicole and I BLEW IT ALL AWAY .... Huh, What, Why , You mean you never meet Nicole ????

Yes I did NOT meet Nicole .... Why???? Apparently I gave her the wrong number ... which was totally off from my original number ... I remember checking nicely and giving her the number but she said I gave her the wrong number therefore she could not contact me and she was left alone outside the stadium I think ... TO ALL NICOLE FANS PLEASE DON'T HUNT ME DOWN

I was really disappointed and sad that I missed this once in a lifetime chance to hangout with a celebrity (to me she is la) ... I erm sort of settled things with her and I hope she forgives me for being so dumb giving the wrong number and leaving her alone there all by herself so pissed off.

She might get angry with me all over again though (continue reading down) .. before that let me share with you some of the pictures I managed to get that night ..

Tons of Chelsea fans

Yes, Yes you get the point ...Really a lot of fans

This is Jeremy .. Made some new frens with the ppl in front of him LOL

Since I could not meet Nicole, Jeremy tried to make me happy by doing his own version of a Nicole Kiss Pose

This is Justin , his face does not look like this ok ... The reason why his ass is all white is because he sat on the wall and railing so thats how it became white

Although I did not get to see Nicole ... GUESS WHO I SAW!!!

LOL !!! How Rare is this .. god and his son?

During Half - Time , we went and tried to look around for Nicole and obviously we did not manage to find her but we saw some VVVVIP cars instead ...

Motor also cun 1

See this police bikes?? They are the ones that escort the VIP's and OPEN THE RED SEA (traffic) for the .. While I was in the jam I saw all this bikes coming and the cars just started giving way . and then all of a sudden all the VIP just followed behind .. So easy 1 ah .. I also want to be VIP leh

Justin on the left and Jeremy on the right..went to Stevens with them and I must thank Jeremy for belanja-ing me

So now you might be wondering why Nicole might get pissed at me again .. Well remember my post that won the date with her??? I made up that story and I'm not sure whether she knows or not .. I will let her know after this .. She asked me in her blog wats my PADI lvl .. its some diving lvl thingy ... why she ask that??

Because of this photo ... I'm not the one in this picture and I don't know how to dive at all

Will she get mad at me for not making up stories??? I will let u know what she says

Monday, July 28, 2008

Heineken House Party Canceled

ARGH!!!! The HEINEKEN HOUSE PARTY has been canceled thanks to PAS .... That means no more free flow of booze!! .... Oh well at least I still get to watch the match ... Might get a chance to see Prem from FLY FM there too .... maybe Kenny Sia also .. who knows what might happen

There goes the free flow of booze T_T

Hopefully I can find my way there tomorrow .. REALLY bad at following directions

YAY!!! Grandstand tickets =)

Prem from Fly FM trying to fly?? Or is he meditating hoping that MALAYSIA will beat Chelsea

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I AM LOST FOR WORDS NOW.....One of the craziest thing just happen !!! NO ONE IN THIS WORLD WILL BELIEVE THIS ...... I WON A DATE WITH NICOLE THE SUPER DUPER FAMOUS BLOGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .....

Remember that best football/beer moment that I was a contest to win a date with NICOLE ... hello people how often do I a normal human get to hang out with a celebrity .... To be honest with you I checked my email and her blog every single day and minute to check whether or not I won the tickets .. After checking over and over again there was no news ... so I kinda gave up...I told myself that I would check my email for the last time this afternoon and if there wasn't any news I would just say bye bye....So I checked and true enough there weren't any new mails....Checked her blog once again and still nothing...So I just went on with my day wondering who that lucky guy will be....Had my dinner and stuff bla bla bla went out and when I came back just thought of checking my mail again for the LAST TIME ..... There it was .... A EMAIL from NICOLE!!! .... but I thought Aiya how can it be me... maybe I just won two tickets to see the match only can't be so lucky kua ...

If you can see says Nicolekiss Chelsea Contest - you've won tickets - Dear Readers, Congratulations! You have won tickets to the contest

Therefore I thought I won the two tickets to watch the Chelsea match .. Yay !

So I clicked on it and started reading ...AND THIS IS WHAT I SAW !!!!!


YES IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note : those drawing is drawn by me ... I don't know how to use photo shop so it's quite ugly

29 AUGUST - I CAN'T WAIT !!!!! Must start practicing my smile already =)


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Potong Stim

For those of you that thought the previous post about the football thingy and girl buying me jersey in the cafe..... IT IS NOT REAL.... It was just a blog contest entry to win tickets to the chelsea game from Nicole.... I don't think I won because I never receive any email or news...So all of you who thought that this girl was real and wanted her to buy you a jersey too.... sorry lah ... what are the chances of me meeting a girl and she buying me a original jersey with name and number on it plus we don't even know each other really well ... and she can do that in a week or two ... it's like finding RM 1000000000000 on the floor without anybody there.... so rare

And I am a shy person .... don't really talk much around girls because my mind goes blank juz trying to think of something to say ..... How can I be considered a player smita =.=

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Best Football and Beer Moment

To Nicole....Here's my story hope you enjoy =) ......... Pls read till the end and take a look at the pictures too

21 May 2008 Uefa Champions League Final - Manchester United vs Chelsea... The BEST Football, Beer, Day of my life .. It all started when my friends ditched me to go and watch this match with their girlfriends....So I had no choice but to go alone and watch..since I got ditched I went to some cafe nearby to watch the game...By the time I got there the place was already full ... After waiting and searching I still could not find any empty table so I asked this girl who was alone whether or not she would mind if I sat with her...She was a Chelsea supporter and I was a die hard Man Utd fan.....throughout the match we were jumping and screaming our heads off supporting our own team....during the half-time break we ordered a bucket of Heineken and started to talk and get to know one another...The game was so exciting that my heart almost drop out when Chelsea almost scored during extra time.... Ronaldo's penalty was so disappointing nevertheless MAN UTD WON!!!! Though she was sad, she told me she had a great time and I asked her whether she would like to go for dinner and she willingly agreed... When we met for dinner, she got me a gift because it was my birthday....guess what she bought me??



Also got me a Heineken beer bottle with a birthday card inside the bottle

Trophy made out of Heineken beer

Official Beer of the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE .. how can u watch that match without this beer

Taste so good u can drink it anywhere ... Even underwater

When your feeling sad and lonely ... Have no fear HEINEKEN is here =)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Euro 2008 WAGS (Wives and Girfriends)

People say that behind every successful man is a woman ... Not sure whether this is 100% true or not but as for the EURO let me introduce the wives and girfriends of some footballers

Eva Gonzalez along with Spain's keeper Iker Casillas .. What a catch

Sonia Amoruso and Del Piero

Sylvie van der Vaart wife of Rafael van der Vaart

Bastian Schweinsteiger's girlfriend Sarah

So after looking at all this pictures do you agree that behind a successful man there is a woman???

Monday, July 14, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Day In Melaka

On the 2nd of July me, my cousin, Leon and Eng went to Melaka for a 1 day trip .... My cousin was fully loaded with explosives and started to bomb each and every place that we went (Inside Joke)...I only took a few pictures and none of the pictures have any human inside which means that I only took pictures of things that I saw which was interesting to me....

Here are some of them .... ENJOY!

This picture was taken in a restaurant ... I think they forgot the OUTSIDE word

Dutch Art from some museum

Each cost RM10,000

No idea what this looks like

I'm a great fan of the Dutch... even though they invaded our country or part of it

The Flying Dutchman?

Nope .. It's called Victory

All in one Astro package ... This pictures were NOT taken in the museum

I have never seen so many antennas before

And it's like all sticking to one another

People love watching tv in Melaka it seems