Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What Duty Free Did To Me!!!

As most of you know, Langkawi is Duty Free...This means SUPER DUPER CHEAP chocolates and alcohol...Therefore I bought loads of chocolates and max alcohol that I could bring back...Eng and Yao kept scaring me by saying the custom won't allow me to bring back so much and stop me and seize my goodies BUT they were the ones who actually got stopped by the custom and their bag got searched

First let me show u the duty free shop which has lots and lots of good stuff

Some alcohol with real or fake lion skin I'm not sure

Andrew can't resist it any longer

Mini cute alcohol bottles such as Absolute Vodka

Alcohol in the shape of Eiffel Tower

Jenn Cocktail

Golf Ball containing alcohol

Now to show you some things that WE bought

All those things in the fridge belonged to us and the one on top of the fridge belongs to the hotel..we took out their drinks and put in our own stuff

Time to show you my possession of what I brought home to KL

Not sure how long it will take for me to finish all this

Jenn cocktail, Baby Champagne, Vodka with Lemon

Got fired by my mum for buying all the alcohol

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