Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Best Football and Beer Moment

To Nicole....Here's my story hope you enjoy =) ......... Pls read till the end and take a look at the pictures too

21 May 2008 Uefa Champions League Final - Manchester United vs Chelsea... The BEST Football, Beer, Day of my life .. It all started when my friends ditched me to go and watch this match with their girlfriends....So I had no choice but to go alone and watch..since I got ditched I went to some cafe nearby to watch the game...By the time I got there the place was already full ... After waiting and searching I still could not find any empty table so I asked this girl who was alone whether or not she would mind if I sat with her...She was a Chelsea supporter and I was a die hard Man Utd fan.....throughout the match we were jumping and screaming our heads off supporting our own team....during the half-time break we ordered a bucket of Heineken and started to talk and get to know one another...The game was so exciting that my heart almost drop out when Chelsea almost scored during extra time.... Ronaldo's penalty was so disappointing nevertheless MAN UTD WON!!!! Though she was sad, she told me she had a great time and I asked her whether she would like to go for dinner and she willingly agreed... When we met for dinner, she got me a gift because it was my birthday....guess what she bought me??



Also got me a Heineken beer bottle with a birthday card inside the bottle

Trophy made out of Heineken beer

Official Beer of the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE .. how can u watch that match without this beer

Taste so good u can drink it anywhere ... Even underwater

When your feeling sad and lonely ... Have no fear HEINEKEN is here =)

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