Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Day of The Year

This would obviously be my last post of the year ... Welcome 2009~~

Would like to share this video with you. Enjoy =)

Here you can watch the year go by in 40 seconds. A guy took pictures of this place everyday and made it into a video with sound. If you would like to find out more on how he did it feel free to check it out at It's quite amazing to see how time flies in such a short period of time and that so many things can happen in that amount of time.

Not sure why but I kinda have the urge to blog, so you will be seeing more updates frequently in the current days to come.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

When Two Become One

Q. What happens when two brothers join forces to become one?
A. You get a 2 in 1 Coffee Shop called Eng Yau(Yao)

Maybe thats how Nescafe 2 in 1 got it's idea from

Just so you know my parents went to Penang for 3 days and THIS IS THE ONLY PICTURE THEY TOOK

Food there must be really great for them to take only this picture

Btw, I'm very dissapointed that I did not get invited to try our your new Kedai Kopi

I might start my own coffee shop called Chow & Chow next

Too Early Too Late

First of all I would like to wish everyone a Merry Merry Christmas lol even though it was 3 days ago..And a Happy New Year ..... Yes I know it's 3 days + few hours earlier but I might be lazy to post on the actual day itself so I might as well do it now. I thank God for a great year he has given me and I look forward to another great year ahead that He will be giving me =) .. Going to Indonesia on the 5th of Jan...How nice is that having a holiday trip to start off a new year and then CNY will be in a few weeks after that.

I got myself this set of bearbrick just because it glows in the dark

It looks so different when it is not glowing

Definitely looks much better in real life compared to this picture

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year =)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

"MAN-LY" Movies

Before your mind starts wondering somewhere else thinking what kind of topic is this guy is posting about ... stop right there ... it ain't some kind of gay post as some of you might think.

What I mean by the word "Man-ly" movies here means that show titles that end with a Man.For example Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Cicakman .... the list just goes on and on. 

On the 18th of December 2008 which is today, two other "MAN-LY" movies will be added in to the list.

First I would like to introduce to you IP MAN. For those who dont know who or what is IP MAN, he is the SiFu(Master) of Bruce Lee and many other students...His name is pronounced as YIP MUN and NOT IP Man literally or I.P Man(not ur I.P address Man okay). 

Great movie to watch based on my opinion..No refunds will be made by me if the show wasn't for your liking =P

Next up we have YES MAN by Jim Carrey

A no man who turns into a yes man and says yes to everything ... Give me all your money ... YES!!!

The power of YES!

If you want someone to say yes to you instead of no...try sending him/her to watch this movie or to sign up for the "YES" course. Who knows what might happen =)

Kid : Daddy can I ..
Dad : *Interuppts* YES !

Oh ya, before I forget .. To all my readers out there, you are all invited to watch my movie primier on the 30th of February 2009 at Mid Valley Megamall. An autograph session will be held after the movie at 10pm ... It's one of those must watch "MAN-LY" movies as well .. Behold I'm proud to announce *Drum Roll* .... THE HANDSOME MAN (Yup, thats me)

Nominee for the best non existent movie ever produced

Hope you can still sleep after reading this post. =)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

To Eat or Not To Eat?

Hello people..once again I apologize for not blogging for such a long time. I have no idea of what to blog about and I am running out of inspiration of new topics to blog. 

Before you start reading the rest of this, I want you to imagine yourself on a 30 day diet. On the 31st day, you decide to celebrate by finding something to eat. So you head on down to the fridge and check to see what is edible. After searching high and low, you realize that there is nothing left to eat except this cute little WALL-E bento set.... The question here is ... will you have the heart to eat it or to die starving???

This is what I will do if I were in that situation

Wall-E : Pls don't eat me, ...... WALL-E~~(Imagine that Wall-E sound he makes)
Me : SorryyyyyEEE ... but I'm too hungryyyyyEEEEE

10 minutes later...MMmmMMmmMM ....... YummyyyyyyEEEEEE

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Recently, we had to come out with our own advertising video for our final project for International Business. So me, Shawn, Kevin, Ricky and Ron came up with this product called Cool Max which is a deodorant spray. Here is the video. 


For those interested in buying this product, there is only one of this item sold in the whole world which means this a super limited edition spray. The price is negotiable though =)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

World Toilet Day

Hello people. Do you know what day it is today? It's World Toilet Day! Indeed a day of celebration! Can you imagine yourself walking 10 miles just to use a toilet with full of poop? If you can't then be thankful that your house has a nice and clean toilet to go to.

Waiting for your sister/brother to finish up in the toilet is nothing compared to what all these people are doing...Lining up just to use the toilet

I didn't know World Toilet Organization really exist. World Toilet Organization (WTO) is a global non-profit organization committed to improving toilet and sanitation conditions worldwide.

They should come and inspect our public toilet here in Malaysia. Sure "Pass"

I can't believe that they even have a World Toilet College.

Whoever is in charge of those public toilets here definitely need to improve! Not only them, the people who use the toilets must be considerate la.

Here is a picture of a house build like a toilet bowl

Did the designer run out of ideas on what to build?

Maybe he loves toilets

Toy also got toilet

Some people got too much money don't know where to spend. This is a 24 carat solid gold toilet. In another words it is the most expensive toilet!

KLCC's toilet which cost RM2.00 also considered expensive already don't say gold toilet. You can read more about KLCC toilet from kenny sia's blog

RM2.00 just to go toilet?? Can pay for my carpark ticket la

Need mou?

This is too much..Tukar Baju also need RM.050 .. GILA

Just so you know, there is a case of a person being stuck in the toilet for more than a month..Wonder how that happened. Strange but true



Happy Toilet Day lol!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Final Exams - Best/Worst Time of The Year

This is what I do when exams are just around the corner.

When you know that exams is coming your way the best thing to do is hit the relax button. It looks like this if you haven't seen it before.

Relax la~~~

Just Chill, No worries cause it's still one month away

And As I was driving to college, I realized that I have lots of assignment due soon. So I decided to turn into the stress lane where I see many students who are in the lane before me.

Anyone care to join me?

The workload is just overwhelming ... LITERALLY

I look something like this during this period of time . Stressed out

In order to combat the amount of stress, I listen to some POSITIVE and MOTIVATING MUSIC

Mariah Carey - Through The Pain or Rain

It goes something like this (My version)

I can make it through the rain, I can go through all this pain,
and I know than I'm smart enough to pass
and every time I feel afraid I hold tighter to my grades
and I live one more day and I make it through the rain

Next we have Better In Time by Leona Lewis

Once again modified version by me

I couldn't turn on the tv,
With my essay waiting for me,
It wasn't all that easy,
To just put aside my hobbie,

If I'm dreaming,
Gotta wake up No time for sleeping

Skip few sentence to chorus

Wish I Could Live Without YOU(Assingment),
It's gonna hurt when its DUEEEEE (Tomorrow), OH YEAH, OH NO!!!
It'all get better in time,
Even though I really hate you(Assingment),
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to,
It will all get better in time ...

Hopefully la ~~

Last but not least, I tune in to Kanye West to remind myself that what can't kill me will only me me stronger

Stronger Than Yesterday ~~ Britney song ah

Then I feel so refreshed and motivated with the songs, I start to have positive thinking which is vital for success in any examination.

I think I can, THEREFORE I CAN!!! I believe I can FLY~

I believe I can FLY,
My results surely super HIGH
I think about it every night and DAY
Read my books and always PRAY
I believe I can SOAR
See me getting 90+ or MORE
I believe I can FLY, I believe I can FLY

Easier said than done right??? Yeah I know ... This is what really motivates me and gets me going

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow. Just Do It

How inspirational and motivational

And when my results finally come, I will be happy with my results because I know that

That's right, I'm Not Lucky, I'm Just Good

Take not this is not a cocky attitude, it's what I like to call Self Confidence .. Be careful though, too much would be harmful

Anyway GUYS and GIRLS out there who is having exams or is gonna have exams soon, I wish you good luck and all the best. Hope you pass with Flying Colors and Not Failing with RED Color.

Can't wait to celebrate my personal MERDEKA a.k.a Freedom Day which is on the 25th November 2008 4PM.

Don't be surprised to see me looking like this on that day

Why So HAPPY??

Two weeks later ~~~

WHY SO SERIOUS??? You don't wanna know .. RESULTS came out one color only

Wonder What Happened To Positive Thinking

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Long Awaited Post

Elooo peoples...It's been awhile since I blogged lol. Now I will bombard this post with lots of pictures..Be prepared.

The reason I made that helmet was actually because of V2's 10th Anniversary theme which was crazy hats. So I decided to make that helmet NOT BECAUSE I WAS TOO FREE AND HAD NOTHING BETTER TO DO OK!! Got prize you know for best hats!!! Guess who won???? MUAHAHAHA I got 2nd place = Free night stay in Awana. The first prize went to Sher Mayne for her SUPER LOOK REAL SUSHI HAT. Enough said, let the pictures do the talking.

Hungry?? Too bad it's made out of paper

Welcome to Sushi Sher, may I take your order .. See got chopstick in the front also

Me standing with the Sushi Queen

Next we move on to Mr. Curry Phobia

Anti Curry : Hey whats for dinner, very hungry la

Me : Your worst nightmare, curry,curry and more curry

Anti Curry : woi don't lie

Me : See for yourself, yummy ..Haha I can't wait to see the look on your face while chewing that super spicy chicken rendang

Anti Curry : Go die la you

I'm sure you guys and girls cant wait to find out who I am talking about =) SurpriseEEEE



After .. Can you see the smoke comin out from my ears

Little Smoking "Hot" Mermaid

Not only is he known for the fear of curry .. He loves his UnDerWeaR until he OverWear's it

I'm confused. Is this a crazy hat theme or smelly hat theme =P

Is it really brand new or did he just stick that there

I rather not know

Hey cowboy, whats underneath that hat of yours?

Fruits anybody??? Me want BaNaNa!!

Taste good huh!

This is how you eat it. Gorilla style..UMMM

That night was also the night when we received our prizes for the blazing aces event

Runner up team, Silencers

And the 1st place goes to *drum roll* ---> Straaterdam

Words can't express my feelings but at least Andrew can express it through this picture

Look at his joyful face

No Music No Siok

Got Music Got Dance

Me You and the dancefloor~

For those of you who were wondering where I was during the game time..This is what I was doing that time

EmooooooooING All By Myself~~

We had to give a speech on why we made/choose that hat

Look at her eyes..So scary, don't let her win also cannot

Cyclops's cousin - Cycle

Me explaining the Power of my helmet

1,2,3,4,5 ......

Can you touch your nose with your tongue??

This guy can

Lidah Man

Let me introduce to you some of the people from that night

This is Tee Eng with his wig and T-shirt saying "I'm In Shape, Round is a Shape"

I can cleary see that but your hear is totally out of shape

Sher Lynn the teenage witch

Maybe you could use your powers to make these pictures look clearer

Pls don't turn me into a watermelon

Leon with "Candy the Camera"

Rainbow Hat .. Where's the pot of gold?

This guy no need to introduce .. I'm sure you all know him

The frog leap / The Squat pose

Oooo 1 more person to introduce ... Tee Yao the angry panda


Another Year Older ... Happy Birthday!

Piece of Cake

It was Zhang EE's birthday too .. So we had a GIFT for him

Happy Birthday, how does the shaving cream feel

Hehehe, looks like his not the only one

Hehehe, looks like his not the only one

Only Girls can make him smile

Wa Can see the teeth already!!! Everybody!! His Smiling!!!

Everybody was out of control until kena marah!

I said put the shaving cream all over his face la..Why got empty spot 1!


The Pro Photographers of the night

Say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese =)

Nowadays very cheap to call is it?

3 hours later

Wa digi 1 sen per minute only ah, say earlier la. Now no need to sms already

When I was so happy walking to my car with the prizes guess what I saw

My car and Alvin's car got CLAMPED!! There was few other cars who parked in the no parking zone but only 2 of us kena ... Wanna know why??? Because they only have two of those yellow things!!! How Lucky @@@ ..

One of the guards came and unlock it at the end because he was kind and understanding. Thank You

Hope You Enjoyed It =)

The weekend is coming soon! I bet you can't wait =P