Thursday, October 30, 2008

Long Awaited Post

Elooo peoples...It's been awhile since I blogged lol. Now I will bombard this post with lots of pictures..Be prepared.

The reason I made that helmet was actually because of V2's 10th Anniversary theme which was crazy hats. So I decided to make that helmet NOT BECAUSE I WAS TOO FREE AND HAD NOTHING BETTER TO DO OK!! Got prize you know for best hats!!! Guess who won???? MUAHAHAHA I got 2nd place = Free night stay in Awana. The first prize went to Sher Mayne for her SUPER LOOK REAL SUSHI HAT. Enough said, let the pictures do the talking.

Hungry?? Too bad it's made out of paper

Welcome to Sushi Sher, may I take your order .. See got chopstick in the front also

Me standing with the Sushi Queen

Next we move on to Mr. Curry Phobia

Anti Curry : Hey whats for dinner, very hungry la

Me : Your worst nightmare, curry,curry and more curry

Anti Curry : woi don't lie

Me : See for yourself, yummy ..Haha I can't wait to see the look on your face while chewing that super spicy chicken rendang

Anti Curry : Go die la you

I'm sure you guys and girls cant wait to find out who I am talking about =) SurpriseEEEE



After .. Can you see the smoke comin out from my ears

Little Smoking "Hot" Mermaid

Not only is he known for the fear of curry .. He loves his UnDerWeaR until he OverWear's it

I'm confused. Is this a crazy hat theme or smelly hat theme =P

Is it really brand new or did he just stick that there

I rather not know

Hey cowboy, whats underneath that hat of yours?

Fruits anybody??? Me want BaNaNa!!

Taste good huh!

This is how you eat it. Gorilla style..UMMM

That night was also the night when we received our prizes for the blazing aces event

Runner up team, Silencers

And the 1st place goes to *drum roll* ---> Straaterdam

Words can't express my feelings but at least Andrew can express it through this picture

Look at his joyful face

No Music No Siok

Got Music Got Dance

Me You and the dancefloor~

For those of you who were wondering where I was during the game time..This is what I was doing that time

EmooooooooING All By Myself~~

We had to give a speech on why we made/choose that hat

Look at her eyes..So scary, don't let her win also cannot

Cyclops's cousin - Cycle

Me explaining the Power of my helmet

1,2,3,4,5 ......

Can you touch your nose with your tongue??

This guy can

Lidah Man

Let me introduce to you some of the people from that night

This is Tee Eng with his wig and T-shirt saying "I'm In Shape, Round is a Shape"

I can cleary see that but your hear is totally out of shape

Sher Lynn the teenage witch

Maybe you could use your powers to make these pictures look clearer

Pls don't turn me into a watermelon

Leon with "Candy the Camera"

Rainbow Hat .. Where's the pot of gold?

This guy no need to introduce .. I'm sure you all know him

The frog leap / The Squat pose

Oooo 1 more person to introduce ... Tee Yao the angry panda


Another Year Older ... Happy Birthday!

Piece of Cake

It was Zhang EE's birthday too .. So we had a GIFT for him

Happy Birthday, how does the shaving cream feel

Hehehe, looks like his not the only one

Hehehe, looks like his not the only one

Only Girls can make him smile

Wa Can see the teeth already!!! Everybody!! His Smiling!!!

Everybody was out of control until kena marah!

I said put the shaving cream all over his face la..Why got empty spot 1!


The Pro Photographers of the night

Say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese =)

Nowadays very cheap to call is it?

3 hours later

Wa digi 1 sen per minute only ah, say earlier la. Now no need to sms already

When I was so happy walking to my car with the prizes guess what I saw

My car and Alvin's car got CLAMPED!! There was few other cars who parked in the no parking zone but only 2 of us kena ... Wanna know why??? Because they only have two of those yellow things!!! How Lucky @@@ ..

One of the guards came and unlock it at the end because he was kind and understanding. Thank You

Hope You Enjoyed It =)

The weekend is coming soon! I bet you can't wait =P


Johnny Ong said...

wow, really one of those crazy nights

Sandra said...

Cool post KW! First time I've seen you allow people to take so many pictures of you. Good la, got improvement!