Thursday, October 16, 2008

Be careful What You Wish For

Today my laptop erm finally CRASHED...what you mean by FINALLY? All the while my laptop had some kind of problem and when I phoned the dell company and ask them to send someone over to check the problem they said they will only send someone over when there is a hardware problem, other than that you must "FIX YOURSELF". So today I called them and after answering 10 billion questions they agreed to send someone over to fix the laptop on Monday. I hope that everything in the hard disk will still be there or else I will cry like I did just now in the cinema watching this Japanese movie called "10 promises I made to my dog". Unfortunately I can't upload new posts because the pictures are in the laptop. And Jeremy, I can only answer your question about whether or not the helmet was for some competition after my laptop gets fixed, provided the pictures are still there.

The 10 promises made to the dog

When 14-year-old Akari (Fukuda Mayuko) finds a Golden Retriever puppy in her backyard, her mother (Takashima Reiko) approves of her keeping the puppy on condition that she never forgets “The 10 Promises” of dog ownership. Together, they name the puppy “Socks” from her white paw markings, and Socks prove to be a faithful and devoted friend to Akari as she goes through many trials during her growing years. However, as time went by and Akari grew up (Tanaka Rena), she slowly forgets about “The 10 Promises”...until one fateful day, when she is cruelly reminded of those of “The 10 Promises” which she did and did not keep with Socks.
Summary stolen from GSC website. It is must watch movie for all you dog lovers. You can learn so many things just by watching this movie and understand more about animals. The dog is so cute which makes me feel like getting 1 right now but there are so much responsibility involved which I'm not sure whether or not I will be able to handle. Keep your fingers crossed and hopefully my laptop will be back to normal.

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