Monday, October 13, 2008

A day of Prizes

After waiting for so long I finally got the Ferrari box set. The first one I got was by winning during a family day event organized by my church to raise funds. I was there helping out and had lots of coupons and did not know what to use it on. So I went to the gift booth to see what attractive prizes they had up for grabs. And there I saw this Ferrari box set which caught my eye. It cost 150 points to redeem 1 set of it. Without hesitating I went straight to the games stall and started earning points along with Andrew. We wanted to combine points to get the set but something great happened. I heard from the announcements that all the points needed to redeem a gift has been reduced by half. It means that the set would cost only 75 points therefore we could get 2 sets 1 for me and the other 1 for Andrew. Enough of boring words and time for some pictures.

If you press the start engine button, you can hear the cars roaring

Other prizes which I manage to take home that day includes a

Milo Can

Human Torch Magnets

Coin Box

Superman Cd Holder

I also got a box of water, food container, M&M chocolates and a water bottle

One Big Happy Family

The second set is when my church once again held an event called Blazing Aces. It's an event where a team consist of 5 people where you participate in different types of sports and each time you get 1st place for that particular sport you will get 20 points, 2nd - 15 points and third 10 points. We played futsal, badminton, basketball, bowling, ping pong, uno cards and go kart. So the team which managed to obtain the most points will win. The whole event took like 6 months cuz we would play on alternate weeks.

Vroooom Vroooom!

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