Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Head Gear

Some time ago I was asked, since you got your weapon are you going to have your own costume? Well well, making a costume is not going to be easy but I might put that into consideration. Since making a costume would take a long time, I decided to make a Head Gear/Helmet. It is pretty cool and amazing compared to the other superheroes out there.

WARNING : What you are going to experience might be harmful to the stomach due to lots and lots of laughter. Anyone who dies of laughter won't be held responsible by me. View the content at your own risk, AND DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

I realized that most super heroes out there don't really have a helmet as part of their costume or suit. The reason I made the helmet is because I wanted to be different from the rest of them. And besides, there are some really good reasons why a helmet would be useful.

Most of the heroes have masks to cover their identity

Not much super heroes have helmets on their heads

But as for me, the Head is one of the weak points besides the heart. If a bullet goes through your heart or head you might face instant death. Therefore I created a helmet to protect myself from the dangers that I might be facing in the future.

This helmet is made out of the finest watermelon in the world

The logo. Flying with the Zapper, not flying without wings

Who says lightning doesn't strike twice at the same spot? -Z the Zapper-

Now I will explain the features of the helmet. The headphone is for me to be able to listen to wear the mosquito is mainly at night because at night my vision is not so good therefore with that headphone I will be able to tell where my enemy is and ZAP them to death. The 2 lightning bolts in front shows that lightning can strike 2 times when I am around. The reason why I put my blog link there is so that if people need me they know where to find me and contact me. Just like spiderman who feels his spider sense tingling, I check my blog to see if anyone needs help. If you take a look at the helmet, there is this thing which is in the middle on the top, that's actually a lightning receiver. When lightning strikes, it will strike that thing and then I will gain the power to super ZAP.

Just for your information, it is really a REAL watermelon.

Time to put this creation into testing

Psychic Abilities

Enemy Spotted

Enemy DOWN

Just believe in yourself, think that you can do it and it will be possible

Victory celebration after defeating an enemy

Can you spot the differences?

No Music No Electric

Look like Michael Shoe Maker after an F1 race

Even the rat had to test whether or not his helmet works

So this is what I did to test my helmet

My friend Alford, your wish has finally come true. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, let me explain

Alford : Hey, you see the wall/piller there
Me : Ya, why?
Alford : GO BANG IT . You go BW (BANG WALL)

Superman is the man of steel, bullets can't go through his body. People who watch it says WAH SO FAKE. Spiderman who uses his web to swing here and there will also get comments from people saying so fake. Got the suit can do this and that but does that suit only apply to them or anyone else. No super hero has ever shared their suit or costume before. Like I said, I'm different. In order to prove to you that this helmet is safe and will be able to protect you, I allowed one of my friends to test it out.

Human : Woah you(Super Man) can fly with that costume on .. let me try let me try pls.
Super Man : No way man!!

Human : Woah your helmet is so strong you bang the wall also not pain. let me try let me try pls
Z the Zapper : Sure go ahead, it won't hurt a single bit

Cool right??

Not really actually. The helmet is too heavy and inconvenient. And those head banging wall, it makes your head BIG .... and I mean BIG

After testing, and submitting my proposal to the Council of Super Heroes, they have decided that this helmet will not be allowed to be used due to the problem in its weight and other things. So sad but true, the helmet is really very heavy and if kept for too long, the watermelon will turn into something ugly you don't wanna know.

Credits to Leon for taking all the nice pictures. The pictures that are not as high of quality is obviously not taken by him

Hope You Enjoyed Laughing =)

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