Monday, April 26, 2010

Bombs Away!

For those of you who doesn't know about this, one of the workshops near Sunway College got MR BOMBASTIC-ED (kena bomb la). I don't know whats the story behind it but I do know what it looks like after being BING BANG BONG. More after the jump(even though I dont know what this means but I always see people saying this..what jump?)

Boom! There goes 2 Volkswagon GTI

Dont know what bomb they use but the walls came crashing down like humpty dumpty


Black Eye Peas - Boom Boom Pow~~

Stay tune for next post - Somebody call 911, Fire Burning On The Dance Floor?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Full House (MTV CRIBS)

As promised, I shall show you around my house .. BE WARNED.. The photos might SHOCK you. Since the last post was confusing, I just want to clarify that I accidentally broke the plate, thats all..Other stuff was all made up to test my creative writing skills.

Here we go!

My house is very different from other houses. Every house there is a store room. But my house IS A STORE ROOM. Hard to believe? O ye of little faith! Then I shall show you.


One thing I like is that I am not afraid that people will rob my house because it doesn't look attractive as compared to all my neighbors house.

Once you OPEN THE DOOR, this is what you will see!

Wah menakutkan...No Grand Entrance at all.

There is more =)

Show you a clearer view of what is inside

Like I said..STORE ROOM is to keep stuff..Here is a classic/antique

This fan use to work ancient years ago. Now it is for display purposes only. =)

After entering the door, this is what you will see on your RIGHT!

More stuff

Now the mini pathway to dining table

Let me show you how GANAS my dining table is!!!

This is an extreme pic. Now my dining table is like that without all the stuff on it. Other things you see remain the same.

Let me show you a glimpse of my parents room. Its not this messy but that day they were moving stuff so I took a picture at its PEAK EXTREME MESSINESS.

It is nothing like this now. Much cleaner and organized.

Before I end I would like to clarify some stuff. I am not being sarcastic or erm not grateful that I have this house. I love this house and my room is AWESOME! The bed is so nice and the AIR COND = I DONT WANNA WAKE UP AT 8AM TO GO UNI.

With that being said, WELCOME to my CRIB!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heart Broken

A girl broke my heart which resulted in me breaking a plate to see how it physically looks like. My heart is actually more broken than this

This picture was not taken in google images or the internet...Happen few days ago in my house obviously..

As a "celebrity" the people in the magazine will write about anything as long as it is interesting and can attract readers.

Here is what actually happened and what they say happened.

Magazine version : Self Proclaimed Rapper gets dumped by Hot Air Hostess for another person. Rapper then gets caught on camera breaking plates to vent anger. For more info get the latest news and gossips on "Rappers Gone Wild" Magazine today.

My story (Simple and not complicated) : Just about to leave the house, takes text book without realizing there is a plate near by .. PING PANG PONG.. too late to react.. Once again late for class =.=

Just to clarify ... I get heart broken not just by girls only k.. I have a life. And my life doesn't revolve entirely around girls.

New Rap Coming "SOON" .. Need to find time to record it and upload ... Next episode..
RTM2 Rumah Saya (Local version of MTV cribs)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Selamat Hari Jadi

Happy Birthday Sydney !