Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heart Broken

A girl broke my heart which resulted in me breaking a plate to see how it physically looks like. My heart is actually more broken than this

This picture was not taken in google images or the internet...Happen few days ago in my house obviously..

As a "celebrity" the people in the magazine will write about anything as long as it is interesting and can attract readers.

Here is what actually happened and what they say happened.

Magazine version : Self Proclaimed Rapper gets dumped by Hot Air Hostess for another person. Rapper then gets caught on camera breaking plates to vent anger. For more info get the latest news and gossips on "Rappers Gone Wild" Magazine today.

My story (Simple and not complicated) : Just about to leave the house, takes text book without realizing there is a plate near by .. PING PANG PONG.. too late to react.. Once again late for class =.=

Just to clarify ... I get heart broken not just by girls only k.. I have a life. And my life doesn't revolve entirely around girls.

New Rap Coming "SOON" .. Need to find time to record it and upload ... Next episode..
RTM2 Rumah Saya (Local version of MTV cribs)

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