Monday, June 30, 2008

LangkaWEEEE !!!!

After a long and stressful 6 months of college, I had one month break...I went to Langkawi with Andrew, Eng and Yao for 3 days and 2 nights....

Let me share with you some of the moments I had Langkawi...The first thing we did when we arrived in Langkawi was to rent a car...We managed to get a Waja for RM150 for the 3 days we had there.....The car was FILLED WITH BABY COCKROACHES and I was trembling with fear every time I got in the car....I volunteered to drive around because mainly the cockroaches were always at the back seat

Pumping Petrol at Petronas

Traveled the whole of Langkawi with Rm100 petrol dollars

We then had chicken rice for yummy and tasty

Andrew checking out the ladies

After lunch we went to the cable car place but it wasn't opened on that day due to the bad weather...It was raining the whole day in Langkawi because of the rainy season...Since cable car wasn't open we walked around that place checking out the shops and buying some alcohol....The ALCOHOL AND CHOCOLATE IS SOOOOOOOOOOO CHEAP!!! Even the alcohol is cheaper than water...A can of beer cost RM1.20 and a bottle of water is around Rm1.50

Check out the booze!

Brought some of this babies home

So cheap it cost Rm 0.00 - Duty Free Rox

Bridge over troubled waters

I wonder why Ice Cream is not allowed

Some weird shop name

They even have an Animal Garden...Andrew is one of them

So happy to put his head inside

Andrew took this picture of this kid lol

Have lots and lots more to share with you guys....So many pictures more to share....More to come!!

I'm not DEAD!

It's been sooooo long since I last blogged...The reason is because of laziness and I just got back from Langkawi not too long ago and need some time to upload the pictures.....Lots of stories and funny events to share with you guys so do stay tuned....College will begin in 2 weeks time......I don't want this holiday to end!!! Just so you know I'm not dead or anything.....Euro is finally over and I can finally get some good rest...It's so crazy watching football till 5am almost everyday...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Juice Halal


Q:How do you get two violin players to play in perfect harmony?
A:Shoot one of them

While I was drinking apple juice at home, I noticed a HALAL sticker on the apple juice carton...First time seeing a halal apple and orange juice after drinking so many juices...

Imagine going to a shop to order juice...

Introducing Cyprina Halal Juice

See the Apelsin Juice on the Orange Juice carton

This juice has been officially Halal for your drinking

Friday, June 13, 2008


Q: What did the ocean say to the beach?
A: Nothing, it just waved!

Most of you would probably know AVG the famous Anti-Virus Guard which protects your pc from getting virus but today I would like to talk about the other AVG which stands for Anti Ve Ge(table)/ Anti VeGetable .... yup thats me...

I really dislike eating vege because I think it tastes awfully bitter, hard to chew and taste bad!!

I find it hard to believe that they can even make cartoons out of vege....VEGGIE TALES!!!

I'm a singing cucumber..check out my concert

When I eat vege my reaction is literally


Cabbage taste like Garbage

No offense to those veggie lovers....I was saying that just because it rhymes....cabbage don't taste like garbage because I have never tasted garbage before and I would never want to taste it..vege is bad enough

My mum has to always force me to eat vege and most of the times I eat it reluctantly..When she always take the vege and put it on my plate the first thing I would say loudly is TAK NAK!!!!

See no Vege and Eat no vege...I try my best to keep my mouth close

I have also came out with some strategies and tactics to avoid eating vege/eating less portion

Tip #1....Always eat first when no one is at the this so that no one can take the vege for you

Tip #2....How to eat less vege?? Usually we save the best for the last...but in this case we have to change things around....when you get vege on your it last!!! why??? because if you finish your vege 1st....more and more will come...if you eat the vege at the end..u can straight away run off the table once u finish the last bite of vege without ppl putting more vege on your plate

Tip #3....If your parents like to give you a lot of the start of the meal...take the initiative to take some vege but not as much as they would give u...this way they would think that you will take vege on your own and won't give you as much

Tip #4....Bargain....Tell them u will eat lots and lots of juicy fruits instead of eating bitter vege..this is a win win situation...both party HAPPY =)

Advice....When going to people's house and matter how much you hate vege u will still have to eat it because it would be rude to reject people offering vege to you

So if your friend doesn't like to eat vege, you can play a prank on him by inviting him to your house for dinner and ask your parents to serve him lots and lots of vege so that he will kena i know>???? I KENA BEFORE!!!!!!!

There is a saying that goes "Min Keong Mou Hung Fook" meaning errrrr like if you force someone do to things that he don't like to do he won't be happy...something like that.. don't know how to translate

Thursday, June 5, 2008

MTV Goodie Bag


Teacher: Today, we're going to talk about the tenses. Now, if I say "I am beautiful," which tense is it?

Student: Obviously it is the past tense.

Couple of days ago I received a call from some guy who was working for UPS (delivery company like fed ex)....The person asked for directions on how to get to my house so I just passed the phone to my mum thinking it was for her and not for me...I wasn't actually excited because I thought the package wasn't for me but when it arrived I was shocked to find out that MTV sent me this.....I instantly opened it to see what was inside...I saw the word MTV Asia Awards and I even thought I got tickets to go and watch the upcoming MTV Asia Awards in Genting..After checking through nicely I found out it was just a MTV Asia Award notebook with some other stuff..

Notebook, lanyard and a stick on it mini note pad (2 each)

The reason why MTV sent me all this is because few months ago, I won tickets to go and watch FT.Island's concert held in Malaysia...I simply went to the MTV Asia website and try my luck by simply clicking and entering those contest that they had available...1 month later I received a phone call saying I won...I was stunned...Join so many contest also never win before .... The funny thing was, on that day the concert was held....all of a sudden they said it was canceled....Like I said, I never win any contest before.... so even if I won was actually worth nothing..SO DISAPPOINTING!!

MTV was kind enough to send me all this to compensate for my loss of not going to the concert

BTW F.T Island is a Korean Group/Band which I have no idea who they are actually

When my mum saw the package and things that I received...the first thing she did was scream and say....WHAT DID U BUY AGAIN!!!!!

Because the only time when I receive things is when I purchase things online which means that my mum has to pay for me .......... =)

Most Happening Place of The Day

H.O.T.D - Humour of The Day / H.O.T Day

I would be sharing a joke/humour from the book that Sher Mayne got me first before I start every post....It may or may not be funny to you but I hope that it might brighten your day

Ah Boy : Is your girlfriend pretty or ugly?
Ah Beng : Both
Ah Boy : What do you mean both?
Ah Beng : She is pretty ugly....

Some of your face would look like this after reading the joke .... =.= so lame or =) so funny

Now I shall start telling you about the Most Happening Place

Most of you would have already heard the biggest news in town...The petrol price increase...It is now RM2.70 per litre...Although the price is still cheaper compared to some other countries...IT IS STILL VERY SIONG as most people would say...

Ever heard of the phrase "What goes up must come down" ??? Well I guess it does not apply on the price of petrol which has been going higher and higher

Things people do for petrol

In order to save some money, lots and lots of people went to pump petrol before the price increased..which made the PETROL STATION the MOST HAPPENING PLACE

Mr A : Eh, want go clubbing ah?

Mr B : Yerr, not happening also that place

Mr A : Then where you want to go wor??? Where nice and happening?

Mr B : You don't know meh ... Go petrol station la where else

Mr A : Really don't want go clubbing ah? A lot leng lui ler

Mr B : Leng lui?? So what?? I tell you petrol station there sure got a lot more 1..

At first I thought that there were only two things that cause traffic jams...but know I know another thing that causes traffic jam

1. Accident...Everyone will slow down and turn their head to the right....Some people even "Stop and stare, I think I'm moving but I go nowhere" ....

If One Republic came to Malaysia and discover what people do whenever there is an accident,
their "Stop and Stare" would probably sound like this

Stop and stare, I am wondering whats happening
So I slow down and I start looking
But after a while it gets boring
Then I accelerate and start moving

Oh, do you see what I see??

Eh, Eh?? see what I also want see.. where where .. wah what
happen here?? Slow down a bit la cannot see la.... Wah this car!

2. Heavy Rain / Flood ... It's normal when traffic is slow moving because of the heavy rain .. cars travel at a slower speed thus causing traffic jam which is okay.

3. Petrol Price Increase ... The latest one that I discovered which caused major traffic jam is none other than the price increase for petrol .... Most people will go to the petrol station in order to save some money before the price increases...Therefore the petrol station was the coolest place to hangout on that very special day....Here are some pics to show you the hebatness

When I saw how crazy so many people were in the petrol station I went all the way home to take the camera just to take picture of all the cars lining up as if they are lining up to get a signature from somebody famous....When I was taking pictures of the cars, I even heard one Uncle in the kopitiam say .....

Uncle : soh geh, gom yong dou oi ying siong (English Translation - Crazy, like that also want take picture)

In my mind I was thinking, aiya want to put on blog this also say me crazy ..... see how many cars waiting to pump petrol la....more crazy

The pictures were taken from the BHP petrol station in Oug

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Unforgettable Day Part 3

This will be the last post of my unforgettable day...This post is my favorite because I get to talk about the gifts that I received for my birthday...

Birthday Card!!

Book to brighten your day given by Sher Mayne..Will share some of the funny stuff inside later..By the way, my dad thought that I bought this book myself and this is what he said

Dad: Wow you buy book to read ah.Very good..I'm glad you are starting to read

Me: LOL??

Yay, new bag

The tag that came along with the jersey, signed by my wonderful friends



So cool~~~~~NEDERLAND!! DUTCH!

Feels like I'm wearing a medal - Feels like a CHAMPION

See the words there? Dont understand what it means? LET ME EXPLAIN

Wilhelmus van Nassouweben ik, van Duitsen bloed,den vaderland getrouweblijf ik tot in den dood.

William ofNassau am I of Dutch blood, loyal to the fatherland, I will remain until I die.

This is part of the National Anthem of Netherlands..The words are so meaningful

Like many anthems, Het Wilhelmus originated in the nation's struggle to achieve independence, it tells of William of Orange, his life and why he is fighting for the Dutch. (Stolen from Wikipedia)
(Sher Mayne, do I need to paraphrase this? I don't want to get SUED!)

Some of you might be wondering what does KNVB means or what is that..

KNVB stands for Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond which is the Royal Netherlands Football Association...

The reason why the Netherlands jersey is orange in color is because this color originated from the coat of arms of the Dutch founding father William of Orange-Nassau....(I think this sentence the grammer abit cacat...hope you can understand what I'm trying to say)

Ang POW/PAU from my Auntie or is it Aunty

Before I end I would like to say a GREAT THANK YOU once again to everybody who wished me and contributed in making this day so special and memorable