Thursday, June 5, 2008

Most Happening Place of The Day

H.O.T.D - Humour of The Day / H.O.T Day

I would be sharing a joke/humour from the book that Sher Mayne got me first before I start every post....It may or may not be funny to you but I hope that it might brighten your day

Ah Boy : Is your girlfriend pretty or ugly?
Ah Beng : Both
Ah Boy : What do you mean both?
Ah Beng : She is pretty ugly....

Some of your face would look like this after reading the joke .... =.= so lame or =) so funny

Now I shall start telling you about the Most Happening Place

Most of you would have already heard the biggest news in town...The petrol price increase...It is now RM2.70 per litre...Although the price is still cheaper compared to some other countries...IT IS STILL VERY SIONG as most people would say...

Ever heard of the phrase "What goes up must come down" ??? Well I guess it does not apply on the price of petrol which has been going higher and higher

Things people do for petrol

In order to save some money, lots and lots of people went to pump petrol before the price increased..which made the PETROL STATION the MOST HAPPENING PLACE

Mr A : Eh, want go clubbing ah?

Mr B : Yerr, not happening also that place

Mr A : Then where you want to go wor??? Where nice and happening?

Mr B : You don't know meh ... Go petrol station la where else

Mr A : Really don't want go clubbing ah? A lot leng lui ler

Mr B : Leng lui?? So what?? I tell you petrol station there sure got a lot more 1..

At first I thought that there were only two things that cause traffic jams...but know I know another thing that causes traffic jam

1. Accident...Everyone will slow down and turn their head to the right....Some people even "Stop and stare, I think I'm moving but I go nowhere" ....

If One Republic came to Malaysia and discover what people do whenever there is an accident,
their "Stop and Stare" would probably sound like this

Stop and stare, I am wondering whats happening
So I slow down and I start looking
But after a while it gets boring
Then I accelerate and start moving

Oh, do you see what I see??

Eh, Eh?? see what I also want see.. where where .. wah what
happen here?? Slow down a bit la cannot see la.... Wah this car!

2. Heavy Rain / Flood ... It's normal when traffic is slow moving because of the heavy rain .. cars travel at a slower speed thus causing traffic jam which is okay.

3. Petrol Price Increase ... The latest one that I discovered which caused major traffic jam is none other than the price increase for petrol .... Most people will go to the petrol station in order to save some money before the price increases...Therefore the petrol station was the coolest place to hangout on that very special day....Here are some pics to show you the hebatness

When I saw how crazy so many people were in the petrol station I went all the way home to take the camera just to take picture of all the cars lining up as if they are lining up to get a signature from somebody famous....When I was taking pictures of the cars, I even heard one Uncle in the kopitiam say .....

Uncle : soh geh, gom yong dou oi ying siong (English Translation - Crazy, like that also want take picture)

In my mind I was thinking, aiya want to put on blog this also say me crazy ..... see how many cars waiting to pump petrol la....more crazy

The pictures were taken from the BHP petrol station in Oug

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