Friday, June 13, 2008


Q: What did the ocean say to the beach?
A: Nothing, it just waved!

Most of you would probably know AVG the famous Anti-Virus Guard which protects your pc from getting virus but today I would like to talk about the other AVG which stands for Anti Ve Ge(table)/ Anti VeGetable .... yup thats me...

I really dislike eating vege because I think it tastes awfully bitter, hard to chew and taste bad!!

I find it hard to believe that they can even make cartoons out of vege....VEGGIE TALES!!!

I'm a singing cucumber..check out my concert

When I eat vege my reaction is literally


Cabbage taste like Garbage

No offense to those veggie lovers....I was saying that just because it rhymes....cabbage don't taste like garbage because I have never tasted garbage before and I would never want to taste it..vege is bad enough

My mum has to always force me to eat vege and most of the times I eat it reluctantly..When she always take the vege and put it on my plate the first thing I would say loudly is TAK NAK!!!!

See no Vege and Eat no vege...I try my best to keep my mouth close

I have also came out with some strategies and tactics to avoid eating vege/eating less portion

Tip #1....Always eat first when no one is at the this so that no one can take the vege for you

Tip #2....How to eat less vege?? Usually we save the best for the last...but in this case we have to change things around....when you get vege on your it last!!! why??? because if you finish your vege 1st....more and more will come...if you eat the vege at the end..u can straight away run off the table once u finish the last bite of vege without ppl putting more vege on your plate

Tip #3....If your parents like to give you a lot of the start of the meal...take the initiative to take some vege but not as much as they would give u...this way they would think that you will take vege on your own and won't give you as much

Tip #4....Bargain....Tell them u will eat lots and lots of juicy fruits instead of eating bitter vege..this is a win win situation...both party HAPPY =)

Advice....When going to people's house and matter how much you hate vege u will still have to eat it because it would be rude to reject people offering vege to you

So if your friend doesn't like to eat vege, you can play a prank on him by inviting him to your house for dinner and ask your parents to serve him lots and lots of vege so that he will kena i know>???? I KENA BEFORE!!!!!!!

There is a saying that goes "Min Keong Mou Hung Fook" meaning errrrr like if you force someone do to things that he don't like to do he won't be happy...something like that.. don't know how to translate

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