Sunday, June 1, 2008

Unforgettable Day Part 2

Time to continue from part after pavilion we went to the curve ( Main reason was to go to TGIF a.k.a Friday's where the birthday person will always get humiliated - in my opinion ) .. It was still early so me, Yao and Andrew went to Coffee Bean to have a drink while Leon and So Yan were planning something very mysterious behind my back...waited till 7.45 and then started walking to Friday's...To be honest with you my heart was beating very fast and I was feeling very nervous

I could not even finish the food I ordered...somehow did not have the appetite to eat...and everything the bell rang my heart was beating even faster and faster...was quite stressed because I didn't know when the guy would bring his gang and ask me to stand on the table.

There were quite a number of people celebrating their birthday on that day so it took some time before it was my turn to get embarrassed in front of everybody.....

Ring ring ring .... die la this time, my turn guy came with an al-ikhsan bag followed by his gang members....inside that bag contained my birthday gift ever (will show it in the 3rd part of the unforgettable day post) ... So they asked me what my name was and asked me to stand on the table...I told them my name was Leon and they believed for a moment until everyone started shouting that my name is Kien Wei and not that guy asked me to take off my shirt IN FRONT OF EVERYONE and then put on the super nice NETHERLANDS jersey...of course I had to do it...didn't want to disappoint my loving friends for paying so much for that shirt...After that i had to hold the ketchup bottle and sing a song...mind was blank that time so decided to sing "Mary had a little lamb" and everyone started laughing like a mad lamb..then I was asked to blow the cake that they gave from a distance...AT LAST IT WAS OVER!!!

My heart was beating at a normal speed again and all my stress and nervousness was GONE!!!

I can finally smile again!!

Carmen drew a picture of my favorite animal...a Kangaroo which turned out to be more like a chicken

For some reason Yao could not smile...the only time he smile and laughed was when everyone was laughing at me

Never see water fountain before

King & Queen
(btw thats the guy who is the one who organized everything)

1st time being surrounded by so many girls

Leon running in the fountain

Because Yao did not smile, we sent him to get some help from the smile clinic

Smile Clinic is really effective

Too much pictures already....shall continue in the next part

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