Thursday, May 29, 2008

Unforgettable Day Part 1

Before I start telling my unforgettable day, I would like to say THANK YOU all those who made this day is a video of me giving my speech of THANK YOU's...try not to laugh too hard because it's the first time I am recording myself talking and I look very silly in the video

Now let me share with you the unforgettable day that I had .. Although it was my birthday, for the first time in my 19 years of living I had an exam on this day...This is because when I was in high school, my birthday was always on a school holiday...But now that I am a big boy and in college, things are no longer the same... I was actually happy and sad at the same time....I was happy because this would be the last exam I would have to take for my first semester and then I could get a 1 month break....I was also sad because something happened during the exam and also because Leon would be bringing me to Friday's to celebrate my birthday....You might be wondering why I am sad that Leon is bringing me to Friday's is because I would have to stand on a table and do some other silly things which makes me feel very embarrassed..


The words may not be clear but it goes like this

First picture : I am so ready for this final!

Second picture : I've studied every night, reviewed the chapters, had a good night's sleep...

Third picture : This should go very well .... You may begin

Fourth picture : My brain decides to come off just like that .... Hee-Yaah!!!

So after my exam, I went to Pavilion to have lunch and watch movie with Leon, Andrew, Eng and Yao.

We watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones)

The movie was quite funny and nice but there were some parts which I thought was a bit too fake.....And have you ever wondered how Indiana Jones would look like if he were to be skinny?? What would people call him??

I have figured out the answer...simple as ABC....Let's welcome Indiana "Bones"

Part 2...To Be Continued ~~~

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