Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We Are The Champions!!!

We Are The Champions My Friends!!

11 May, 2008 : Manchester United was crowned Champions of the English Premier League.

P.S : There is a surprise at the end of this post

Many people disagree that Man Utd is the best team in the world but to me MU will always be Number 1. Man U had a bad start at the beginning of the season and was criticized by a lot of people but it is not important how u begin, it is how u end it. MU silenced the critics by winning the EPL which proves that they are the best in England..For the upcoming Champions League Final, I believe that they will prove that they too can be the best in Europe.

This picture is dedicated to all the Man U haters out there

One of the main reasons i support Manchester United is because of Cristiano Ronaldo..With his stunning skills, he is simply one of the best player in the world.

None Other Than Cristiano Ronaldo

We've done it again

Double Power!


Smile =)

Now i would like to share with you some of my Man Utd kaki .... I stole the pictures from Justin, my friends blog

Jeremy celebrating

Julian the daredevil

Ah Toh + Justin showing how proud they are to be a fan

Mr. Tai


Surprise??? Many of you might be wondering what is so surprising about this.. Andrew got famous in college recently because of a picture that Leon posted on a blog and now everyone knows about Andrew..Since Andrew is a fan of Man U, I contacted Ferdinand and asked him to do a similar pose that Andrew did. Just so you know, Ferdinand is Andrew's most favorite player in Man U ...

This pose looks familiar

Man U Forever

Ferdinand enjoys posing like you

If Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks knew about this picture earlier, their duet would probably sound like this...

Andrew, please forgive me

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