Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Today is CHRISTOPHER TAI KIM WAN's birthday....he is one of my best friend...throughout the years he has taken good care of me..and today i would like to do something in return for him.A few people has posted some happy birthday post and videos for him in their blogs...

As a friend of his, I decided to call our gang to do a video for our one and only MR TAI

Pher...I can still remember those good old days back in taman yarl....If you can't remember...don't worry... let me refresh your memory by show you some classic pictures

Big boy already, down there also grow big

Lucky you in Australia or else Police come find you

Last time drive tractor, now can fly aeroplane d

Havin fun in the girls toilet next to the sanitary pad machine


Me, so yan, andrew, and leon would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday...hope you enjoy yourself......pls dont kill me for posting your pictures when you come back

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