Sunday, May 4, 2008

King of The Day

Sorry for not updating so long again...Now you know how LAZY I am. I had to update today because it is a very special day. What's so special about this day???? IT IS TEE YAO's Birthday..he gets to be king for the day..he is celebrating his 18th year of surviving as a human.

Yao, since you asked me where is your birthday present.....HERE IT's all yours...let me teach you how to redeem it.

Right Click on the picture and click save Birthday Present as.....then u open the picture and PRINT it out

Best Birthday Present I ever gave to you. A ferrari and a lambo. I don't really know which one you prefer so i got two instead.

Don't forget to drive me around

I even send it for a car wash before passing it to you

I always wondered how this friend of mine looked liked when he was younger. So with the help of his brother, I managed to get some pictures. Please forgive me for showing the world how cute you were back then.

Baby T. Yao

3 years old i think

Showing off his teeth

I know time passes really fast and now you are already 18. How you wish you could turn back the time ya. I would want that also but sad to say life goes forward and not backwards.

Wake up lo...dreamtime is over..18 years old already

I know how you feel. Can't beleive you grow up that fast ya..


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