Monday, June 30, 2008

LangkaWEEEE !!!!

After a long and stressful 6 months of college, I had one month break...I went to Langkawi with Andrew, Eng and Yao for 3 days and 2 nights....

Let me share with you some of the moments I had Langkawi...The first thing we did when we arrived in Langkawi was to rent a car...We managed to get a Waja for RM150 for the 3 days we had there.....The car was FILLED WITH BABY COCKROACHES and I was trembling with fear every time I got in the car....I volunteered to drive around because mainly the cockroaches were always at the back seat

Pumping Petrol at Petronas

Traveled the whole of Langkawi with Rm100 petrol dollars

We then had chicken rice for yummy and tasty

Andrew checking out the ladies

After lunch we went to the cable car place but it wasn't opened on that day due to the bad weather...It was raining the whole day in Langkawi because of the rainy season...Since cable car wasn't open we walked around that place checking out the shops and buying some alcohol....The ALCOHOL AND CHOCOLATE IS SOOOOOOOOOOO CHEAP!!! Even the alcohol is cheaper than water...A can of beer cost RM1.20 and a bottle of water is around Rm1.50

Check out the booze!

Brought some of this babies home

So cheap it cost Rm 0.00 - Duty Free Rox

Bridge over troubled waters

I wonder why Ice Cream is not allowed

Some weird shop name

They even have an Animal Garden...Andrew is one of them

So happy to put his head inside

Andrew took this picture of this kid lol

Have lots and lots more to share with you guys....So many pictures more to share....More to come!!

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