Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thunder Chow (NOT ME)

While I was watching tv last, I was shocked to see this guy called Thunder Chow in this show called Latte @ 8. It's a talkshow hosted by Jason Lo. This Thunder Chow guy is a Ah Beng weatherman, who gives us unusual weather reports; which are 10% weather, 90% gibberish! I can't really find much vidoes of him but when you see him I think you will feel like punching him. Here is one video that I manage to find.

Click on the website scroll down then play the 1st video and you will see him in action. The second 1 is a interview of kennysia. In that interview kenny says that his attached..Meaning he has a GF?

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synical said...


Thanks for linking to my blog post on Latte at 8... You can actually find the videos at the 8TV website.

Just thought you might want to know.