Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Final Exams - Best/Worst Time of The Year

This is what I do when exams are just around the corner.

When you know that exams is coming your way the best thing to do is hit the relax button. It looks like this if you haven't seen it before.

Relax la~~~

Just Chill, No worries cause it's still one month away

And As I was driving to college, I realized that I have lots of assignment due soon. So I decided to turn into the stress lane where I see many students who are in the lane before me.

Anyone care to join me?

The workload is just overwhelming ... LITERALLY

I look something like this during this period of time . Stressed out

In order to combat the amount of stress, I listen to some POSITIVE and MOTIVATING MUSIC

Mariah Carey - Through The Pain or Rain

It goes something like this (My version)

I can make it through the rain, I can go through all this pain,
and I know than I'm smart enough to pass
and every time I feel afraid I hold tighter to my grades
and I live one more day and I make it through the rain

Next we have Better In Time by Leona Lewis

Once again modified version by me

I couldn't turn on the tv,
With my essay waiting for me,
It wasn't all that easy,
To just put aside my hobbie,

If I'm dreaming,
Gotta wake up No time for sleeping

Skip few sentence to chorus

Wish I Could Live Without YOU(Assingment),
It's gonna hurt when its DUEEEEE (Tomorrow), OH YEAH, OH NO!!!
It'all get better in time,
Even though I really hate you(Assingment),
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to,
It will all get better in time ...

Hopefully la ~~

Last but not least, I tune in to Kanye West to remind myself that what can't kill me will only me me stronger

Stronger Than Yesterday ~~ Britney song ah

Then I feel so refreshed and motivated with the songs, I start to have positive thinking which is vital for success in any examination.

I think I can, THEREFORE I CAN!!! I believe I can FLY~

I believe I can FLY,
My results surely super HIGH
I think about it every night and DAY
Read my books and always PRAY
I believe I can SOAR
See me getting 90+ or MORE
I believe I can FLY, I believe I can FLY

Easier said than done right??? Yeah I know ... This is what really motivates me and gets me going

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow. Just Do It

How inspirational and motivational

And when my results finally come, I will be happy with my results because I know that

That's right, I'm Not Lucky, I'm Just Good

Take not this is not a cocky attitude, it's what I like to call Self Confidence .. Be careful though, too much would be harmful

Anyway GUYS and GIRLS out there who is having exams or is gonna have exams soon, I wish you good luck and all the best. Hope you pass with Flying Colors and Not Failing with RED Color.

Can't wait to celebrate my personal MERDEKA a.k.a Freedom Day which is on the 25th November 2008 4PM.

Don't be surprised to see me looking like this on that day

Why So HAPPY??

Two weeks later ~~~

WHY SO SERIOUS??? You don't wanna know .. RESULTS came out one color only

Wonder What Happened To Positive Thinking

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