Thursday, December 18, 2008

"MAN-LY" Movies

Before your mind starts wondering somewhere else thinking what kind of topic is this guy is posting about ... stop right there ... it ain't some kind of gay post as some of you might think.

What I mean by the word "Man-ly" movies here means that show titles that end with a Man.For example Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Cicakman .... the list just goes on and on. 

On the 18th of December 2008 which is today, two other "MAN-LY" movies will be added in to the list.

First I would like to introduce to you IP MAN. For those who dont know who or what is IP MAN, he is the SiFu(Master) of Bruce Lee and many other students...His name is pronounced as YIP MUN and NOT IP Man literally or I.P Man(not ur I.P address Man okay). 

Great movie to watch based on my opinion..No refunds will be made by me if the show wasn't for your liking =P

Next up we have YES MAN by Jim Carrey

A no man who turns into a yes man and says yes to everything ... Give me all your money ... YES!!!

The power of YES!

If you want someone to say yes to you instead of no...try sending him/her to watch this movie or to sign up for the "YES" course. Who knows what might happen =)

Kid : Daddy can I ..
Dad : *Interuppts* YES !

Oh ya, before I forget .. To all my readers out there, you are all invited to watch my movie primier on the 30th of February 2009 at Mid Valley Megamall. An autograph session will be held after the movie at 10pm ... It's one of those must watch "MAN-LY" movies as well .. Behold I'm proud to announce *Drum Roll* .... THE HANDSOME MAN (Yup, thats me)

Nominee for the best non existent movie ever produced

Hope you can still sleep after reading this post. =)

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