Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Day In Melaka

On the 2nd of July me, my cousin, Leon and Eng went to Melaka for a 1 day trip .... My cousin was fully loaded with explosives and started to bomb each and every place that we went (Inside Joke)...I only took a few pictures and none of the pictures have any human inside which means that I only took pictures of things that I saw which was interesting to me....

Here are some of them .... ENJOY!

This picture was taken in a restaurant ... I think they forgot the OUTSIDE word

Dutch Art from some museum

Each cost RM10,000

No idea what this looks like

I'm a great fan of the Dutch... even though they invaded our country or part of it

The Flying Dutchman?

Nope .. It's called Victory

All in one Astro package ... This pictures were NOT taken in the museum

I have never seen so many antennas before

And it's like all sticking to one another

People love watching tv in Melaka it seems

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