Saturday, July 26, 2008

Potong Stim

For those of you that thought the previous post about the football thingy and girl buying me jersey in the cafe..... IT IS NOT REAL.... It was just a blog contest entry to win tickets to the chelsea game from Nicole.... I don't think I won because I never receive any email or news...So all of you who thought that this girl was real and wanted her to buy you a jersey too.... sorry lah ... what are the chances of me meeting a girl and she buying me a original jersey with name and number on it plus we don't even know each other really well ... and she can do that in a week or two ... it's like finding RM 1000000000000 on the floor without anybody there.... so rare

And I am a shy person .... don't really talk much around girls because my mind goes blank juz trying to think of something to say ..... How can I be considered a player smita =.=

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