Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Malaysia Book of Saman Records

Recently about a week ago, I managed to get my name into the Malaysia Book of Saman Records.

It is very different from any other book of records. In the book of saman records you won't get famous or anything. There are two simple ways to get your name into the book. It is very easy, let me show you how it is done.

See this sign here? That is the highest score the goverment can achieve. They will get jealous if anyone tries to break their highscore.

The first step in getting your name in the book of records is by breaking the high score that the government set which is quite easy.

High Score Records Are Meant To Be Broken
Look at my record!!

Once you manage to break the high score, you will receive a certificate from the government.

(Unfortunately it doesn't look as grand as this)

Instead it looks like this, and there's more to it. You have to pay RM300 to get it.

(Congratulations! You are a winner)

RM 300 for breaking a record and a piece of paper

Sometimes i wish that there were no rules and limitations in life.

Only in my dreams can this happen T_T

Don't you love this shirt

As much as you and I hate rules, they are there for a reason. Some say that rules are there to help us and guide us. If we go against it, then we will have to face the consequences. Since there is nothing we can do about it, why don't we JUST FOLLOW LAW!

Don't Speed OK? Follow the speed limit!

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