Saturday, August 9, 2008


Just by looking at the title already drives you crazy .. Wow iPhone .. Almost everyone wants this cool phone.. Guess what my Dad has the iPhone .... And he did not even pay a single cent for it ... his friend gave it to him ... I'm not sure how the conversation went with him and his friend but I assume it went something like that

Friend : Wah, what is that!
Dad : My phone la why
Friend : You call that a phone ah, no camera nothing .. so outdated
Dad : A phone is just to receive calls/sms and sent sms or call people
Friend : Aiya, nevermind la I give you a phone .. it's an iPhone .. don't play play
Dad : Thanks, looks like a normal phone to me

Canggihnya iPhone ini

What a beauty

Hold On .... UNFORTUNATELY thats not the phone I was talking about

I was talking about the iPhone China version


iPhone made in China

1.3 mega pixel

Think Different

Now my Dad's phone is more geng than mine already

Imagine Kobe on his iPhone and Yao Ming on his "iPhone" ----> LOL

Will be going to Genting later to watch the MyFm Anniversary concert thingy while some of my friends will be in Melaka on a 1 day trip

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