Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weird Places and Drinks In Langkawi

After a heavy dinner in Langkawi (one month ago), we decided to go to a bar to chill out and listen to some music. When we were in the restaurant we asked whether there was any bar near by they told us there was one just down the road and gave us each a complementary coupon for a vodka. So we left and when we arrived at the place, we were shocked to see some things.

Sun Sutra?

This is what happens when you get shocked

Sun Karma ?? What kinda of place is this?

This place is weird

Sunba Retro Bar...Name sounds ok, wait till u see the statues ... NOT OK
Andrew can really copy the statues face - 100% look alike


Whats this guy doing here


Our vodka mixed with coke

After drinking the vodka and coke, I was not satisfied enough so I asked for the menu to see what other drinks that had to offer .. And to my surprise, this is what I found >.<

Ak47, Alzheimers, Graveyard ??? Hmm .. Still ok for a name of a drink

OK WHAT IN THE WORLD IS ALL THIS! You want me to drink orgasm, duck fart,? Why do I even want your slippery nipples for .... NO idea how it tastes like ... If any of you have tried any of this before do let me know how it tastes like ok

More weird drinks ... PINK UNDERWEAR ???

Grasshopper Or Rusty Nail?? I wonder which one tastes better

I ended up ordering the Mojito ... Didn't really like it ... LOVED THE TEQUILA POP

I then volunteered to drive back to the hotel because the back seat of the car was filled with cockroaches, and I almost killed a cat ... NOT BECAUSE I WAS DRUNK, it was in the middle of the road and there weren't much lights in that area ... The cat survived, so did we =)

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