Monday, August 4, 2008

Take It To The Next Level

Ever heard of Nike's Take It To The Next Level Advertisement? It looks like this

Some other slogans are like no weak foot is next level, captaining without the armband is next level and many more

They even have a new version of the video which is longer and has more stuff

Not too long ago, had a contest. All you had to do was answer a few simple questions and fill in the slogan ________ is next level. You could submit as much entries as possible and the prize is RM200 voucher to spend on Nike products in Al-Ikhsan. So I tried and sent lots and lots of entries, and it paid off. When I checked the website to see who won, I was surprised to see my name there.

Never giving up is next level, playing your heart out until the final whistle is next level, flawless technic, skill and ability is next level were some of the slogans that I submitted .. Malaysia to play in the World Cup Final is next level .. lol that was one of it also ... there are lots more slogans that I submitted but the one that made me win was "Attacking And Defending As A Team Is Next Level"

The voucher came in handy as my futsal shoe was in bad condition and it was time I changed a new one ... Kinda regret getting this shoe

The reason I don't like this shoe is because it doesn't really suite my style of playing and they weren't much choices in the shop and I was really in need of a shoe so I had to pick this one.

Take It To The Next Level

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