Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My FM 10th Anniversary

Last last Saturday while most of my friends were in Melaka for the supposedly educational trip, I was in Genting for the MY FM 10th Anniversary concert thingy ... Justin got free tickets so he invited me to go .. MY FM is a chinese radio station in case u didn't know ... So they were having their 10th Anniversary and their "theme" was cosplay ... so a lot of people dressed up including the radio deejays .. Here is how some of them look like

Peter Parker from Thailand

Men In Black with a Hair Dryer as a gun

MIB Partner

Even Batman was there ... Joker didn't show up that night .. Joker got lost went to Gotham City instead of Genting City

A guy dressing up as Storm from X-men

Indiana Jones discovered a new talent .. SINGING

Lara Croft behind Son Goku

Ah Wong looking for his Lou Poh Zai

The Incredibles won some award for best dress I think

For those of you who are having holidays and have nothing else better to do ... feel free to try this http://mazzanet.id.au/ball.php ... click on the ball to change color ... i've tried it and it can really change color lol

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