Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kecanggihan Tandas Sunway University College

I've been to so many toilets before but I have never seen anything like this...Technology is improving rapidly but this is not the place I expected it to be. Let me take you on a tour of one of Sunway University most high tech gadget in the toilet...Taylors, BEWARE!!!

They are now advertising in toilets

Every time I pee, I cant stop thinking of Sherlock Holmes

Just so you know not all toilet in SYUC has this unique feature. Only the toilet near the cafeteria has this probably cuz thats the one most people visit I think.

When you stand near the mirror to look at your handsome/beautiful face, the screen will detect it and it becomes a normal mirror. After that the advertisement will come up and annoy you again.

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jayboy said...

hey, cool ....please let me know your contact..i wanna ask discuss something with you.