Friday, January 29, 2010

My Valentines Day

Before any of you jump to conclusion based on the title, this post is for a contest where I am suppose to write about how I would be spending my day with one star/celebrity from the movie Valentines Day. For some, it might be hard to choose who to spend the day with since this movie has more than one hot chick like Jessica Alba. However for me, the person I would choose to go out with has to definitely be Taylor Swift.

So here is how it will all happen.

Early in the morning I will go over to her house with a dress specially made for her. It's a dress specially designed for a princess because I will be taking her to a castle for breakfast. As she comes down from the stairs after putting on the dress, she will literally known how sweet I am as her living room is flooded with candies from all around the world enough to give her instant diabetes if she decides to even eat those sugary delights. I know you guys must be imagining how gorgeous she is looking in that dress so here is a picture for you.

Moving on to breakfast, like I said we will be going to the castle to eat. We will take a helicopter over to the castle, and when we arrive we will be riding on a white horse into the castle.

For breakfast, I will have all the famous chefs from all around the world like Chef Wan to prepare a meal for her. All the food will come in a shape of a heart. For example a heart shape bowl and even the rice must be heart shaped. Some of the food that she will be eating are nasi lemak, heart shaped roti canai, and char keow teow.

After that we will go on a hot air balloon where I will tell her how much I love her in a poetry Shakespeare kind of thing but in the modern version also known as RAP.

This is how the rap would sound like.

After an hour of fresh air and amazing view from above, its time for some archery. This isn't any kind of normal archery if you are wondering. See the target board? It won't look like that. Instead you will see kanye west's head as the target and some of the things/persons who broke her heart and made her unhappy. NOTE! this is just to have fun and let go of the stress, not a violent activity.

(example of what will never happen on that day)

As promised before, no interruption.

I will then take her to an award show where she will be awarded the BEST GIRLFRIEND IN THE WORLD. This time when she is giving her speech, she won't be interrupted if you know what I mean.

After that, I'll bring her to a place with tall buildings and ask her to wait. While she is waiting, she will be receiving roses from 13 random strangers as 13 is her favorite number. When I reach the top of the building, I'll call her and tell her to look up. Then I'll jump with a parachute of course and when it opens it will say I Love You, instead of will you marry me just like in the Bon Jovi video called all about loving you.

(something like this)

As our stomach starts to growl, I'll bring her to an underwater restaurant where all her favorite singers will be performing while we eat. There will be dolphins and clown fishes (Nemo) surrounding us during dinner.

As we land back on land, there will be some fireworks display before we head off to our final destination. The final place that I will be bringing her to is to outer space. With the advancement of technology and lots of money, it is possible to go to space.

Based on her expression you can see that she really enjoyed her day.

I told her I love you literally everywhere. I told her I love you on land, up in the air, underwater, and in outer space.

As of today, we both made the best "Love Story" there ever was. From now on I promise you won't have to have another "Teardrop on My/Your Guitar" and I thank God that "You Belong With/To Me".

Today was more than a fairytale. It was real.

By the way, if you think how is it possible to buy so many things or pay people to do so much when I can't even afford to buy a bicycle (don't laugh), I have a no limit credit card. You might have gold, platinum or whatever canggih name of credit card but nothing can beat the credit card I have.

With this card, I can buy things anywhere anytime in the world. If you don't believe see for yourself.

Check out my certified visa card. Oh yeah, I just bough the whole of New York minutes ago.

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Jihani Azhar said...

omg. u will definitely win. :D