Monday, March 29, 2010

Bread Without Peanut Butter Is Incomplete

Every played badminton without a shuttlecock or played golf without the ball? If your answer is yes, please record it and show me what you use. My point is both the badminton racquet and the shuttlecock complement each other. For football it is the same. Scoring without a goal without performing a celebration would be incomplete. It's like after munching down your burger you need to have a sip of Coca-cola. I was browsing through this site and found some funny goal celebrations.

Feel free to check it out.

The best goal celebration I enjoy most is when those players use "cocky" as their theme of celebrating. It is hard to explain what that means but I can show you how it looks like. Here are my top 2 "cocky" goal celebrations ever.

Number 2 on my list has to be Van the man (Van Nistelrooy). He missed a penalty, the opponent laughs at him. Few minutes later Van Nistelrooy scores and "celebrates" in front of the person that laughed at him moments ago resulting in a yellow card.

Top 1 on my list and the whole wide world comes from Cristiano Ronaldo.

Last minute of the game against his previous club Sporting Lisbon in the Champions League game. He steps up to take a free kick. BEAUTIFUL goal scored. Next, his CLASSIC face, words can't describe his face. You have to take a look for yourself.

Besides that, there are weird things your teammates might do when you celebrate a goal. This guy went and (I cant seem to find the right word so I shall just use the word) bite the person's DOWN THERE ... I think bite is a bit of a strong word to use..Maybe nibble...Or he was just hungry. Watch It To BELIEVE IT.

If you think you can do a better celebration than that, feel free to show the whole world through youtube.

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gerakis100 said...

Nothing beats Van Nistelrooy's "celebration", the best I have ever seen