Monday, July 6, 2009


Just watched one of the greatest tennis match ever played and it is so sad that Andy Roddick did not win although he deserved to win. He played such a great game and it was so dissapointing that he did not end the game when he had the chance in the second set.

As you can see, even fergie is sad that Roddick lost. This girl over here is either happy that Federer won or that she is happy because she knows someone is taking a picture of her so she is smiling to the camera..I have no clue.

Seems like she knows Sir Alex..I wonder who she is....Pls tell me its not his wife.

A-Rod could not even smile, super emotionally down...I can understand how he feels.

Played so well..Unlucky for him

Moving on to the second dissapointing issue. Man Utd is coming BUT no Ronaldo... Maybe got Owen =.= ...Not what I expected. The reason I bought the ticket was to see Ronaldo play....When is Real Madrid gonna have their asia tour...You might have seen the new Man Utd Jersey..I think they could have done a much better job than this. If I'm not wrong the players will be wearing the new kit during the tour.

Leaked version of the away kit..Not sure whether this will be the official away kit or not.

New season new ball...Looks so futuristic.

Last but not least...Tiffany Michelle will not be participating in the main event for this year's World Series of Poker. This means that we won't be seeing her in action with her hands on the french fries during the game :P.....Also, she won't be able to defend her title as the last female standing.

Can't read my, Can't read my, No you Can't read my POKER FACE ~~~

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