Thursday, July 30, 2009

Female Atheletes Who Make The Sport Look Even Better

What I am trying to say here is about chicks that do sports. By that I don't mean a random chick driving a sports car.

I mean beautiful and talented ladies who are proffessional sports atheletes. Not only do they look good, they make the sport lood good as well...For example, you don't watch tennis but one day you turn on the TV and so happen Maria Sharapova is smashing the tennis ball at the same time screaming at the top of her lungs everytime she swings her racket. You then forget you were suppose to watch Discovery Channel on how crocodiles live and end up spending the next 2 hours watching tennis.

So here are my list of female atheletes who make the sport look even better.

Tennis : Maria Sharapova
(Swing & Scream, that's what I call multitasking)

Poker (it's a sport to me!) : Tiffany Michelle
(Can't read your poker face but I can imagine what you can do with that amount of chips)

Badminton : Xie Xing Fang
(If Lin Dan is number 1, I am not surprised why she isn't)

Snowboarding : Torah Bright
(Icy Cool or Smoking Hot?)

NASCAR racing : Danica Patrick
(Speed Demon)

Football : Milene Domingues
(Ex-wife of Ronaldo..According to wikipedia she is the most expensive woman's player ever and she also holds the record for juggling the ball for 55,198 times.. I can't even do a 1000 =.=)

Golf : Michelle Wie
(Born in 1989, same age as me. She plays golf professionally while I study to be a professional)

Hope You Enjoyed Reading This Blog !

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Anonymous said...

Danica Patrick drives for the Indy Racing League (IRL), not NASCAR.