Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bandung Day 1

Bandung was great! Literally shopped and walked from morning till night. Here are some of the things I did on day 1.

1st picture I took in bandung

The Secret Factor Outlet

Did not take any pictures inside because it's suppose to be a secret...But since you really wanna know, there is nothing really special inside

While walking, this banner in particular caught my eye

Say No To Drugs and Free Sex!!
Does this mean that if you pay for it’s okay?

The only drug you should be taking is when you are sick and the drug is prescribed by your doctor. And the only time you should be having sex is after your married!!

The next place we (me and my dad) visited was the "Jusco" of Indonesia/Banding called Yogya. Not sure whether those are fake twisties or it's how the Indonesian pronounce it. But their other products were called by the original name like Oreo for instance. I also saw a HUGE banana being sold in the place but was too scared to pull out my camera


Although it is pronounced as Cham Pelas, I prefer to call it Siham Pedas

The area around that place was swarming with factory outlets. Not just any kind of ordinary outlet. It was
guarded by "Heroes" some of you people look up to.

Super Rambo Jeans (I think the jeans could last you a lifetime since it's rambo material)
War zone of cheap stuffs

They even have tarzan...But I did not see Jane

Don't worry, you won't find any clothes made out of leaves in this factory outlet

Ultraman was there to guard the place as well

See the ATM sign there? No 1 will dare to rob you here because Mr. Arnold will be there to protect you

With Goku and The Flash there, I don't see how you could ever run into trouble

If you still feel insecure, Wolverine + He Man (correct me if I'm wrong, no idea who that guy is) will be on guarding duty as well

Moving on we have Leon's favorite hero. Ip Man or Bruce Lee? See the W on the sign. W for Wing Chun

Batman was on sale but no 1 had the money to pay for it even after discount

I'm sure Jeremy would somehow find a way to be up there with Spidey

Supra Maniam

No red undies were sold inside

Some of the people in Bandung are really poor, they have to beg in the streets and I really mean streets. Whenever the car stops, there would be people coming knocking on your window asking whether you would like to buy the snacks they are selling. Some even come with a guitar and sing to you so that you would give them some money...I am truly blessed to live in Malaysia =) ..By the way, those people that work in the shopping mall for the whole day only get paid around 36,000 rupiah which is RM12 here...And I thought earning RM3.50 per hour was considered low pay

We then took the taxi to a shopping mall called Istana Plaza, and that's where I discovered spider girl actually existed.

Could that be MJ behind that mask of Spider Girl?

J.CO is a huge thing in bandung..Almost every big shopping mall there has J.CO...the difference of the J.CO there an here is ....*MUSIC* (The Click Five)

It's Empty~~~(Music Still Playing)

McDonald also

Maybe I took the picture during off peak season

Here's what happen to me actually...I went in to the Nike shop and when I came out, I could not find my dad. So I decided to walk on my own first and try to meet him later. After walking the whole complex, I still could not find him so I walked back to the hotel...I thought he was there in the room but he wasn't there. So I waited and waited until I my Mum arrived from the airport to the hotel...We took a different flight because she booked her tickets earlier and I decided to go with her last minute. She was suppose to go with her fren on this trip and Me and my dad tagged along. OK back to the story...Luckily my mum's phone was able to call my Dad's phone and we arranged a meeting place at that complex..So we met up and went for dinner lol.

While searching for a place to eat, I saw this ...

Pls explain to me what they are trying to say here cuz I am clueless

Why screw the french press? I don't get the joke

After searching high and low, we finally decided to try out this Japanese Fast Food thingy

Hoka Hoka Bento or Noka Noka Bento?

We saw so many people lining up so we thought the food should be good

Good Food Is Worth Waiting For

The food was cheap and nice


Could not bring the food back, but at least can show you what they sell

After eating, Me and my Dad went outside the complex to sit down while my Mum and her friend went and explored the complex.

See the bench there? That was our resting place

g.o.d - guard on duty/guard off duty

Now you see

And now you don't

Cry Baby

Taxiiii - Save Our Legs

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Anonymous said...

Hi, those poor people aren't from Bandung but from remote villages. Bandung people aren't all that poor, do you think those FOs and restaurants are built just for tourists?

Of course salary in Bandung is lower than in Malaysia since living costs also lower. The truth is with that level of living costs, middle class in Bandung are much more fortunate than middle class in I need to mention about the rich? Especially those the wealthy Jakartans? :)