Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Power of Technology

Every year technology will get better and better. Last time the Nokia 3310 was considered as one of the most "in" and cool phones to have...Now try giving it to a kid for free and just watch the look on his face .... He might even ask "What is that you are holding"? ... Technology has gotten so canggih to the point where most of the TV's are in HD display. If you compare a TV 5 years ago against a TV today you might really be amazed how it improved..

From an old black and white tv

To a HD LCD Color Tv .. So detailed you could see every single pimple on one's face

If you are a fan of technology and have all the latest gadgets and HDTV this is the next "THING" that you should get...It's none other than a HD SEWING MACHINE!!!

A sewing machine like this which can turn to something like that (pic on the bottom)

Is already simply stunning enough

But since technology is always improving..Time to get your hands on one of this HD sewing machine.....What has the world turn into lol...I wonder what's next

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