Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bandung Day 2

On day 2, I had a why so serious happy omelette for breakfast.

After breakfast I went to visit more and more factory outlets. I went to the factory outlet called Rumah Mode. After walking to almost each and every factory outlet in that area, my Dad had a coffee break near the place.

How Have You Bean? I've Bean Great

The fountain beside the coffee shop

Next we went to the shopping mall nearby called Paris Van Java.

What made me want to visit this mall was because of a Manchester United logo I saw I was in the taxi passing by this place. The reason why they had a Man U sign was because of the Manchester United Cafe.

I think everyone was at the stadium so no people in the cafe yet

Lightning really gives people powers

Fish Spa

These birds were everywhere

Kiddy Land

I then left the place to go to Distro's (place where local designer clothes are sold) and that's where I spotted this.

Kita makan buntut?? Sedap tak saya nak tanya

I saw some menu's in some restaurant where they were selling sup buntut. I then found out that the sup buntut was actually ox tail's soup. So maybe the buntut here means ox tail? but what does iga mean?

Guns Don't Kill People, Cops Kill People

Looks like the cops there aren't very likable

Holland Bakery

That's all for day 2. I actually traveled to more places but did not take any photos of those places

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