Sunday, January 4, 2009

Buckle Up or Pay Up

New Year, New Rules ... Passengers seating in the backseats are now required to put on their safety belts or else it would cost them a whopping RM300 fine..If you think RM300 is a lot, just wait till the 1st of July...cuz by then, the fine is gonna be increased to RM2000 + you might even end up in jail for a year.. So unless you are really rich or love to buy the cops a cup of tea if you know what I mean it's up to you whether you wanna buckle up or not .... But for me, I guess this time rules apply to me.

Even Avril Lavigne is all buckled up so what are you waiting for. Put that seatbelt on!

I wonder whether you could still smile like her when you get caught for not buckling up

HAPPY NEW YEAR btw. The New Year "Rules"

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