Monday, September 1, 2008

Avril In Malaysia Part 1 (Pictures)

The long awaited post that some of you guys have been waiting for is finally here..I've been so lazy as usual la ... I think if there was a contest of the "LAZIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD" I would definitely win because I'm so lazy that I would not even take part in it...I have a maths test tomorrow but I'm toooo lazy to study once again..Even though I have time to study now I decided to update since I have been dead for a few days...

OK here we go ... First of all I would like to say that this concert was very very very disappointing..Ticket say concert start at 8 ... Newspaper say start at 8.45 SHARP .. and guess what time it started ? 9.30 .... There were no MCeee on stage or anything to like entertain us while we waited for more than an hour there in the rain ...

I went to the concert with So Yan and Crystal .. Parked at the Tun Sambatan Monorail and took the Monorial to the stadium which was one stop away.

Crystal trying to punch herself?

We reached there around 750 and it started to rain so we had to use this cheap raincoat that they gave us ... So Yan kept calling it a PONCHO ... dunno what is that .. such an annoying word

The raincoat made me look like this

The reason my head could not fit in this photo is not because it is too big . It's because I have no experience in cam whoring therefore not able to position myself nicely

Paid RM138 to sit on this hard and stony ground for 1hour+

Everyone with the cheap china rain coats on

Just so you know that bright thing is not the moon . It's the hotlink ball thingy

Not the moon!!!

Checkout this 2 Uncle man ... I think I might be like that in 30 years to come

Rain Rain GO AWAY!

See this boy with a "Wear On Umbrella" .. so cool and cute

When the rain stopped ... The boy got STRONGER and Energetic


3 Blues 1 Red

Going toilet in the dark middle of the night

Throughout the concert the lights were shining brightly and colorfully

See the blurry moving lights

Avril was so "HOT" that when she sang the song "HOT" the Mandarin Court instantly became "Hot" too

SEE THIS GIRL T-SHIRT ... noob !! reminds me of the DOTA days

and finally a poster saying "You're the BEST DAMN THING our eyes have ever seen"

Aiyo this people ... Wait till they take a look at me ... I'll be their best damn thing that their eyes have never seen ... Perasan man

(Pictures Taken By So Yan, and some by me ... hint hint .. u shud know who take the lousy ones)

NEXT POST : Videos recorded during the concert . Be sure to check it out


- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

so enjoyed the rain? =P

Me Myself + I said...

not at all lol ...

Johnny Ong said...

haha, good observation on that hot hotel