Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lip Juice Anyone?

Few days ago when I was doing some group work in the foyer in college, I saw something my eyes had never seen before...I know that in this world we have lots of types of fruit juices like apple, mango, watermelon .... the list just goes on and on .. You can order from more than 10 types of juice from a fruit juice stall .... BUT there is this new juice in town ... I'm sure not much of you know this (unless I'm really outdated and come from a kampung) .... Introducing to you .... LIP JUICE!!!

(credits to Alford for taking the pictures)

ARE YOU "IN 2 It" ??

Out of curiosity I went and check the website to find more about this thingy.... I found out that you can't drink this thing (obviously you already know that) .. If I'm not mistaken there is 9 juicy colors to choose from..So if your lips are feeling dry, you know what to do ... Just Juice It =)

Feel free to get your juicy info from

By the way, I have a question to ask .. Is lip gloss for guys or for girls?? Pls leave your answers at the chat box or comment box .. Thank YOU

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