Saturday, September 13, 2008

F.O.S (Full Of S**T)

Mind my language for this post, cuz it's gonna be really really nasty ... Yesterday when I was looking for a parking in college, I saw this particular spot which was empty (which is very rare) .. It is so so so difficult to find a parking near my college ... Without hesitation I parked in that spot and walked happily to college .... I was thinking, wah why so good ah got empty spot here ... When I came back, I got the SHOCK of my life.. My car was filled with Sugar Honey Ice Tea .. I didn't realize I was parking under the tree ... NO WONDER NO ONE PARK THERE!!!! .. I'll never ever park there again EVEN THOUGH IF I WILL BE LATE FOR CLASS!!!!

I think if you click on the pictures u get to see a better view

So when I came home, I tried spraying water on it but only 30% of it came out ... Then my maid came out and said

Maid : Apa kamu buat
Me : Cuci tahi .... (sounds wrong man)
Maid : Biar saya cuci lah
Me : Terima Kasih Banyak Banyak =)

Now the car is as clean as new thanks to her =)

Actually, this is nothing compared to the previous time where the birds decided to bombard my Ford car .. It was literally EVERYWHERE .... behind infront beside up down right left .. ALL OVER THE PLACE ... when I look at the back mirror I can see S**T, when I see both the side mirror also I can see, wind screen obviously no need to say .. it was FULL HOUSE ... Once again came home and tried to spray water .. this time only 1% came out ... thanks to my maid again for helping me to clean the car

Have you experience this feeling before? Feel like s**t and look like s**t ??? I did when I was driving that car home lol ... Such a malufying moment

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