Friday, September 26, 2008

Z the Zapper A.K.A BOLT

A new hero is born ... his name is Z the Zapper also known as BOLT .. he takes down his enemies as fast as lightning Zap Zap Zap and he smokes his enemy just like that .. He is deadly so don't mess with him ... Wondering who this person is ??? there that guy lorr ...

So how did this guy get his powers?? Here is how it all happened . In Bolt's house there are lots and lots of mosquitoes coming from everywhere. Even after killing them over and over again, they just keep coming. After killing 1 and then washing hands, there comes another one ... Very frustrating and annoying... He could not take it anymore so he went out of the house in the middle of the night while it was raining. As he was walking like a mad man in the rain ... SUDDENLY the lightning STRIKED ON HIM!!!!


He thought he was dead because of the lightning shock but instead he felt a super power going through his body ... With great Power comes great Electricity ... He saw this racket on the floor and picked it up. When he picked the racket up some of the electricity from his body got transferred to the racket giving it life. It had a super electro power that could kill 1000000 mosquitoes at a time. So he took it home with him and "FRIED" all the mosquitoes.

Here are some of the brutal techniques of how he SLAYS them

You won't like it when his angry

He goes into a berserk mode when he is angry

His so fast until you can't see him

When he is not in battles, he takes his time to think about war strategies

One of his hobbies is playing the "ELECTRIC" guitar

If you are a mosquito, stop and think twice. You ain't wanna mess with BOLT

Because if you do, you'll have to face the consequences

which is DEATH !! No MERCY! see the leg also break into half

Ussain Bolt may be the fastest runner on earth ... BUT Z the Zapper is the fastest mosquito killer in the world.

His so famous he even has his own MOVIE

Be sure to check it out! You don't mess with the BOLT

Based on a true story of Kien Wei's life with the annoying mosquitoes

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