Thursday, September 18, 2008

Old Skool

I will definitely fail to be a reporter...Why?? Because I always publish my reports/provide people information long long long after the event happened. I'm so lazy and I'm always procrastinating that's why it takes so long...Well here is some pictures I took a month ago when my I visited my high school Taman Yarl for some fund raising event I think .. can't really remember ..

I was shocked to see so many people lining up to enter the "haunted class room". Why would people even pay money to see ghosts..

Long Long Line

They even have rules before entering the classroom.

Lol some of the rules are quite funny. No hitting the ghost, no running, no PREGNANT WOMAN lol ... the best 1 - NOT FOR WEAK-HEARTED

Shout "GOAT" for help to get out immediately. Are they paying money to go in to see "GOATS" or "GHOSTS" ... Of all things why shout "GOAT"???

The first thing I thought of when I saw the 2 MYVI cars was, WAH GOT CAR AS PRIZE AH, when I walked closer I found out that they were trying to sell and promote the car lol. There goes my chance of winning a MYVI

Look at all the peoplezzz

It's so unfair I didn't have a futsal goal and place to play during my time

How long has this signboard been here...All become white already..How ironic, smoking suppose to become black

This sign is hilarious. Congratulations =.= Like reaching a finish line like that

They asked me to take a photo of them while I was taking picture at the congrats sign

Last but not least, Andrew and Charlie Chaplin Jr .... Maybe not

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